5 Weeks to go!

As we draw near to the end of 2017 I feel extreme gratitude and see God’s grace and mercy around every corner we passed.

However every year that pass me by feels faster and maybe even more challenging. As the kids grow bigger, so does the challenges and their personalities.

I’m also growing as a woman and that’s not always easy. Realizing things I never had before, growing in ways I’m sure I wasn’t ready for a year ago, entering areas of an unknown world and coping with the day to day kids schedules that’s just growing as time pass us by.

I’m open for growth and I’m happy to turn my face to God and take what ever He gives me, I’m willing to wait with open arms and grow but maybe in January 😁 not so much this time of the year. I feel exhausted and drained…. and we are still a month away from “stopping.”

I’m not blaming something, I’m just at that point where I want sun, sea, sand and the smell of sunblock under my nose. (That childhood memory of Durban main beach back in the 80’s)

Basically 40 days to go before I can flip the switch to OFF! I can hardly wait….. but until then I have to put on my big girl undies and run. I’m sure that I am not the only ‘Mom’ out there that’s feeling exhausted after a long year. Dream with me as the time to “relax” is near. Five weeks to go!!!

Happy Monday x5

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