I’m a Christian mommy and wife blogger. With four kids, all born under five years, I’m always on the run. Nothing is slow. They changed my life forever. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I never realized what they would do to me. They changed my life for the better and they changed me as a person. My kids keep me on my knees, praying, on an hourly basis, but I am thankful that they are mine and that God has given me the opportunity to teach them His ways.

I’m married to an entrepreneur who is a workaholic. It’s fine though, I love this about him. His passion and his ambition is what I fell in love with. He works hard for us, and I support him. It’s not always easy though, being the stay at home mom whilst he’s off working. I basically solo parent four kids.

I can honestly say that my strength comes from God and it is through Him that I get through each day. I find joy and peace in the Lord and I look at my life from the inside and it can look really messy sometimes, but He brings order to my chaos. All I have to do is listen to one praise and worship song and I’m recharged for another hour. He just lights up my soul. It’s a living relationship that I have to share with people.

Writing is my thing, no matter how busy I am, this is the one thing I make time for. I love traveling, especially to France. I love road trips and I love being laid back and chill. I don’t do well with early mornings and need lots of coffee to get through the first hour, of getting the kids up and to school. My kids are getting bigger now, but in some weird way I find it’s getting harder. I enjoy being fit and healthy. I love pretty things, pretty places and funky stationary. My other big passion is cars, from vintage cars to brand new cars.


I have many dreams for myself and for my family. I might be a little overprotective when it comes to my kids, but I'm a mom. We are not planning on having any more kids, but sometimes I wish we had two more. I still get broody sometimes.

This is me. This is us. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and following my journey as a Christian mom of four.

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