Back To School With Tower Labels

Back To School In The Millennium

When I was a kid I remember the ‘back to school’ panic happening a day or two before school started. We used to run into the first shop and get everything we needed for the year. Well, that’s how I remember it. However, now that I’m a mom it feels like I have to plan this whole activity with almost military precision. I have to schedule it to make sure I get everything done and ready for that first day of school. One of the most important things on my list is school labels! 

Kids lose their stuff! All the time. The first thing I order every year are my labels. My mom used to mark our stationary with a black permanent marker but these days we are “fancy”. We label everything with cute stickers that are shaped perfect for the stationary, personalised to our kids. And nowadays, school labels are not just for stationary. They have labels for everything!!

Tower Labels

As a mom of four kids all in school I knew I needed to be extra organised when it came to all the school labels. I ordered Tower Labels this year for all my school labels and must admit when I received it I was very impressed with the quality of the sticker. They also offer extras like dishwasher safe labels, shoe shield labels, iron-on-labels, book labels and bag tags. 


They offer great school packs in classic black and white to ensure that they don’t loose anything.

There Are So Many Different School Labels To Choose From

Why Choose Tower Labels?

  • High quality dishwasher safe labels
  • Door-to-door courier service
  • Delivery within one week (SA only)
  • They offer volume discount to schools

What They Say

TOWER is dedicated to making your life easier.
As Southern Africa’s largest office stationery, label supplier, we pride ourselves on delivering products of the broadest range and highest quality, to meet your every need.

There Is More With A 10% Discount

You can get a 10% if you use momjustsaying at your check out. Thank you Tower Labels, your school labels are a mom time saver!

You can do an easy online check out and secure online payment or an EFT.


Disclaimer: This is a product exchange review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and the truth.


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