Bookclub – 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

One of the things I would like to achieve in 2020 is to read a good book each month. It’s the one thing I don’t make enough time for and it is so important for our mental and spiritual wellbeing. I get so much out of the books I read, and it helps me grow as a person. We can never know enough or learn enough.

I was blown away by the book I read in January, The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. If you haven’t t read this book, I highly recommend it. It is not only a beautiful story but also an inspiration to just change things a little for big results

The 5 AM Club

It’s a story about a billionaire who lived an epic life and who would leave a legacy for the world. He had a secret to his success and it wasn’t based on the hours he invested into his work or even his natural talents. He attributed his success to a morning routine. Yes you heard me, rising early was his secret. He started every day with a little formula to charge his day mentally, physically and spiritually. He called this formula the 20 20 20 formula. Own your morning, elevate your day.

It’s a beautiful story mostly about three people, all wanting something more out of life, and how the billionaire who wanted to pass down his legacy helped an entrepreneur and an artist find their drive again, their love for what they do. The billionaire invited the entrepreneur and artist to his beach house in Mauritius where he would teach them about his world class morning routine. They accepted the offer although they were hesitant, their journey started towards transformation.

The billionaire  explains why it is so important to get up at 5 am and how it can give you a head start to each day. If you wake at 5 am there are no distractions around like work, phones, other people and a to do list. At 5 am you can enjoy a peaceful start to your day and he explains how your brain works early in the morning and how your focus and productivity will be increased for the rest of the day. To join the 5 AM club will put you in a bracket of what 5% of people are doing and 95% of people are not doing. This will give you a huge competitive advantage.

This Will Put You In a Category of History Makers.

The four focuses of the great history makers.

  • The greatest people are not defined by their greatest talent but by the extent to which they capitalise.
  • Freedom from distraction is key. Focus, simplify and concentrate, becoming a purist.
  • The power of day stacking, which means that small things done daily are more important than big things done once in a while.
  • Personal mastery practice.

Master yourself

Your mindset is just one of four interior empires. He explains how we can’t just work on our mindsets. He makes sure that we understand the importance of our heart-set, health-set and soul-set. Master yourself completely.

Heart-set is your emotional life and wellbeing. Health-set is your physical life, optimal fitness. Soul-set is your spirituality. It was these four important aspects that motivated the 20 20 20 formula. He explains these four interior empires in detail and makes it easy to understand why it is so important in our daily lives.

The 20 20 20 Formula

They left Mauritius and went to Rome. The 20 20 20 formula makes sure that waking up at 5 am, generates incredible results. He explains how we can transform our productivity and optimise each day by rising early, long before the rest of the world does. To master your life you start by owning your morning.

  • 20 Minutes to move
  • 20 Minutes to reflect
  • 20 Minutes to grow

He explains how each one of these categories makes a difference not only physically but mentally and with inspirations.

Own Your Hour – Embrace Sleep

He explains how we need to embrace sleep. The last hour of your day is almost as important as the first hour of your day. He explains what the blue light in our phones does to our brains and how this affects our sleep for the night ahead. Sleep is there to rejuvenate ourselves, but we can’t get there if we don’t use a proper before bed night routine. He gives tips on what to do before you go to bed. Balance is important. It’s the key part of elite performance.

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this book. I have since changed my morning routine, but for me to be able to optimise my first hour, I need to rise at 4am. I now spend my first hour of the morning doing my exercises, reading my daily devotion and planning ahead for the day. I feel more organised, more awake when my actual day starts at 5 am and definitely sleep better at night.



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