Counting Down The Days Till Christmas

Welcome November 2020

Its time to get my Christmas gear on!

After the year we’ve all just faced, I want to make sure that our road towards Christmas is a fun and exciting one. I want the kids to get into the Christmas Spirit but more importantly I want them to learn that there is more to Christmas than just presents and holiday. (In other words it’s more than just about receiving) I aim to teach my kids about giving, doing things themselves and remember the true meaning behind Christmas. We always get so lost between all the last minute shopping, final little tings during November to finish the year and rushing around getting everything done. This year I have control. This year I am the headmaster of our school, I am the boss and I have control.

All my kids are finally at an age where they understand, cooperate and enjoy the little gestures I put into place. I figured why wait until December? November is a good month to start preparing for Christmas.

Getting Organised

I feel safe and secure when I have a plan in front of me. (Yes even at 39 I need to feel secure sometimes, even if it is in my own little schedules) I don’t always stick to my own plans one hundred percent, but having something in place makes me feel like I can actually do it. Or should I say do something. It’s like when I know where I’m going, what I’m planning, my goal seems a little more reachable. Organising the chaos just makes sense in my mind and my world.

I pulled up a Count Down to Christmas Calendar for November and December. I will share the November Calendar with you today. Feel free to print it. Alternatively make up your own schedule, I have included a second calendar for you. Follow me on Instagram I will share what we do every day as we near the best time of the year.

We All Deserve a Break

I believe we all deserve a proper break, especially after this year. We all deserve some family time, a holiday, hot chocolate, good wine, merry dinners and memories to last a lifetime. I am totally looking forward to end this year on a high note. This sure is a year we will never forget.

Count Down Calendar Days Till Christmas

The first calendar is mine. I drew a couple of Christmas doodles just to make it more festive. The second calendar is for those who prefer to add their own wish list, or if I may, “to do list.” On my list you will see I used four shopping days with the kids. I have four kids, so I am planning on taking each child for a shopping trip to buy gifts for the people they care about.

My Calendar

Count Down Calendar November 2020

Clear Calendar

November Calendar



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