Dear Lockdown Diary Day Eight

Day Eight

A very long wet and cold day. 

A day where I was left with my thoughts, wondering how, when and if the world will ever recover from this. But I am a Jesus girl, an optimist, find the silver lining kind of girl. So yes, even on those extremely long and hard days, I have hope.

From The Kitchen

I just love Friday’s in the kitchen because every Friday is pizza day and pizza is my absolute favourite food in the world. So we made pizza for dinner. Who else can eat pizza every day? I actually know people who doesn’t like pizza, and in all seriousness, can you understand this?

Flap jacks was the winner for breakfast. Usually I make one batch and that is never enough so I decided to make two batches. Two batches turned out to be enough to feed an army so they had that for lunch as well. 

No baking today. No desert making today. We were all too cold and too tired to spend extra time in the kitchen. 


This is indeed the perfect weather for an overdose of screen time. I’m well into the third season of This is us and we rented two Box office movies today. The Bikes animation movie and Charlie’s Angels. Luke really enjoyed it the movies today.

The Kids

They are not just stuck at home, they are stuck at home inside the house because it’s so wet and cold. I am so proud of how well they are actually behaving. They get really loud at times and then at other times I have to go look for them because they are so quiet. Luke, my third born and first boy have way too much energy so I allow the ball in the house every now and again.

I wonder what I would have done if this happened when I was a kid? Times were so different back then. I don’t know, I could lie on my carpet for hours and listen to 5FM without bugging my parents once. Maybe I was older, maybe it’s wishful thinking, maybe it was just a different time?

I’ll try something new on Monday, but first it’s weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful second locked down weekend.

Sending my love xxx

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