Dear Lockdown Diary Day Seven

Day Seven

One week! I feel like dancing people! I’ve been out once to get fresh veggies for my veggie shake, but it wasn’t nice. 

A surreal weird feeling to be out there. I miss my friends outside of lockdown. The girls I chat to, the people of my heart. 

It’s funny how in these times you know who your people are. Just like in any other bad times we face, I know, you know who your people are. 

From The Kitchen

Today I only made breakfast, my husband cooked the rest of the day. I helped Nika make Crème Brûlée and Roxy baked vanilla cup cakes. 

They are becoming little professionals in the kitchen and soon I won’t even have to help or watch them bake. They love it.


I spent a little more time in front of the tv today, but in my defence it was raining and really cold. So I don’t feel too bad for watching four episodes on This is us. I am officially done with season two and am now on the third season. 

The kids rented a movie on DSTV Box Office. They watched The adventures of A.R.I and really enjoyed the movie.

The Kids

I think the kids are a little bored. They are busy with Lego building, baking, playing and helping out around the house but I honestly think they are bored. They look how I feel, a little lost, and the weather is not helping.

Kelvin asked me if he could dress nicely (long pants he told me) so we can go to Spur. My heart broke for him. When I told him I will take him as soon as the Corona Virus is gone he understand like a little mini adult and carried on playing with his Hot Wheels. 

Tomorrow our second week starts, one down and only two to go. I need a plan. A more structured one otherwise we are all going to go crazy over here.

Any idea’s?

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