Dear Lockdown Diary Day Six

Day Six

I keep wondering what if one of us get it, or has it and it’s just waiting to surface. I know I shouldn’t think like that, but I’m a mom. I worry a little but try not to allow it to get the better of me. 

From The Kitchen

The girls baked chocolate cup cakes today. They love spending time in the kitchen, definitely did not get that from their mommy. 

Barry said he will cook tomorrow, I can’t wait to not spend time in the kitchen. Let’s see of it becomes a reality.


I watched my two episodes on This is us, and that was that. Nika rented a movie on Box Office but I didn’t watch it with her. 

The Kids

The kids are so good during the day but as soon as the sun goes down, they get like a second breath and I have no idea what’s hit me. 

They were up before 7am this morning so I decided 8’o clock is too early for bedtime. I will rather go to be later and sleep in the next day. 

We are building such nice LEGO together, the kids are loving it. If you follow my Instagram you can see all the cool things we are building on my stories.

Working Out 

I almost didn’t work out today. I just didn’t feel like it, but eventually after 2pm I just did it. I felt good afterwards and was thankful that I did it anyway. 

I did the same workout as yesterday. Pump it up dance 

Tomorrow will finally be day 7! One week down and only two to go. We hope and we pray. Our numbers are really looking good. Well I think so. It’s not rising the way it could have if we didn’t do what we are doing now. I am staying positive!

I am tired, I am not going to lie. Trying to get my own stuff done, paying attention to all four, cooking and cleaning… I am tired. As a mom I feel like I could totally book myself into a spa for a weekend and lockdown there. \

How is your time going at home? 

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