Dear Lockdown Diary Day Sixteen

Things I Miss

I miss those routine days. I miss the people in my life. I miss waiting in my car for the kids and waving. I miss walking through the mall. I actually miss rushing around. I miss early nights. I miss Sunday night as hair wash night. I miss coffee shops. I miss restaurant pizza. I miss cooking once a day. I miss driving through a drive through. I miss walking my dog. I miss no restrictions. I miss buying wine when I want to drink wine. I miss random brunch dates. I miss my hair dresser. I miss small talk. I miss my drive home after I dropped the kids at school. I miss my gardener. I miss normal. I miss my mom. I miss my daddy. I miss a Wimpy breakfast. I miss Mr Delivery.I miss being home alone. I miss visiting random places over weekends. I miss Sunday lunch after church at a new restaurant. I miss the Botanical gardens. I miss hugging my friends when I see them. I miss travelling.

Things I Don’t Miss

I don’t miss the rush. I don’t miss school. I don’t miss the busy life. I don’t miss being social all the time. I don’t miss filling my car with diesel. I don’t miss being late. I don’t miss deadlines. I don’t miss early mornings. I don’t miss packing lunch boxes. I don’t miss busy weekends. I don’t miss school events. I don’t miss school sports. I don’t miss my jeans. I don’t miss my mascara. I don’t miss my GHD. I don’t miss earrings. I don’t miss Mugg and Bean. I don’t miss forgetting things. I don’t miss running like a chicken without a head. I don’t miss rushing out the door every morning. I don’t miss traffic. I don’t miss load shedding. I don’t miss broken traffic lights. I don’t miss being so tired all the time. 

When Life Returns Back To Normal

When we return back to the real world, a perfect world would be one where I can combine these two in a way that everything I’ll miss becomes part of my life. And everything I won’t miss, will somehow not be part of my every day life. 

I know it’s probably not possible, because the kids will go back to school and a big part of my life I don’t miss involves school, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Something new to work towards. I like it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. I am sure completely different from any other year. Stay safe and much love xxx

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