Dear Lockdown Diary Day Ten

Day Ten

The first thing I noticed today when I opened my eyes was the little bit of sun coming through the blinds. I had to jump up and see, and I was right. We had clear blue skies for the first time in days. No rain. 

It’s the small things that makes a huge difference! This totally changed the way I felt about lockdown. Definitely a reason to celebrate life. I could not live in a country where there is rain all the time, natural vitamin D is essential to my existence. 

From The Kitchen

Don’t thing because it was Sunday that the kids took the day off from baking. They didn’t. They baked. My only rule to the baking is that they finish all the cake or cupcakes before they bake more. Luckily for us, we are a big family and currently feeding eight people every day.

They baked vanilla cup cakes with some icing and chocolate. Apparently it was delicious . 

No Sunday roast from my side, instead I lit a fire and we had a lam rib braai (barbecue), with some salad and the obvious pap and sauce. We had a feast! 


All the Bourne Identity movies were on tv today so we watched it in between cooking, some shopping, the braai and chatting. We never watched the final one, we were all too tired and went to bed. 

The Kids

I am having such amazing moments with the kids. One on one time, just chatting and I’m loving it. I am loving the “moments” I have with the kids.

Amazing how this time has shown me even more about each child, and helped me see them even better than ever before. 

They enjoyed the sun and outdoors today. Kelvin spent so much time in the sand pit and on his black bike. Bear foot African kids! 

Working Out

It’s Sunday so I took the day off but I was very happy to see that I have a semi two pack already. I was so excited when I saw it in the mirror. 

Two down, four to go 😀

We hanging in there, after tomorrow we passed the half way mark. Well to what we know for now is lockdown, there are speculations of an extension but I have no idea if it will really happen. 

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