Dear Lockdown Diary Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Five

Back to school, routine and schedule. Back to cooking all the time and making snacks all day. Honestly I actually miss those days I was so bored. Is it okay if I say that?

Remore Schooling

Honestly the school is amazing, they are helping us so nicely and we really do not have to try figure things out. Well, for the biggest part. The planning is there and I am so thankful for that.

What the school doesn’t get is some parents actually has four kids at four different levels. Levels where my undivided attention is still needed, like all the time. What they don’t get is I have so many other balls I still need to keep in the air because it is still lockdown. What they don’t realise is I am one person, catering for four. Not one and not two kids but four. So I decided that this week I will focus on what we have to. Anything over and above the absolute necessary and the rest will have to wait until the kids go back to school.

As far as the work goes for my grade R boy, I will work with him but most definitely not five times a week, because I actually have a grade 5 that has to work five days a week due to workload. I am going to take it as it comes and do my best, but I am not going to break my back over this. I still want to enjoy my family and this time we are blessed with as well.

With all this said, I must admit we have had so many giggles doing some of the things we’ve had to do. So it has been really good as well.

Sending you warm love and stay safe xxx

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