Dear Lockdown Diary Week Four

Day Twenty Six

This is where it really started hitting me. Being locked in, not being able to just hit the road or go sit somewhere with a friend and have a nice meal. It was here where I started missing my freedom. Maybe it has something to do with remote schooling but I think day twenty six was just one day too many for me.

Day Twenty Seven

With all this time to think, our thoughts are forced in a direction. Our minds are directed to work through things and search for answers. Day twenty seven was a better day. Sometimes a mindset change is all we need. Accept and move on.

Day Twenty Eight

Day twenty eight was a difficult day. I am struggling so much with Microsoft Teams and I am usually very okay when it comes to programs and computers, but this system times four kids is really working on my nerves. Getting the work done is not the mission, but getting the work submitted and to each teacher is a nightmare.

The day got the better of me, but it was World Book Day so I celebrated books because books are my life. I also got a bottle of wine from a good friend of mine, so the day ended on a higher note.

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I will try make a long story short, but being me, I don’t know if that’s possible. . Our kids are in one amazing school, and they look like pro’s when it comes to remote learning. They are on top of it! Maybe too on top of things. . Rewind fifteen years…. the last time I worked on Microsoft, yes once you go Mac you will never go back! Apparently when you have kids you might go back. Since Monday I’ve been a wreck! The work keeps coming in, and we do the work but mommy doesn’t know how to save, upload and carry on. No we do the work again and again and follow the same process over and over. . So today, day 4 of struggling but day 10 of remote schooling and mommy first had “I know” a swearing session at the laptop and then broke down into tears. My girls looked at me as if I was a foreign object, they have never seen mommy not on top of things. I literally just cried. At that moment my husband phoned and I walked out the room. Sobbing! My daughter started messaging all her teachers 🤦🏼‍♀️ telling them we have big problems. Shame bless her heart. . Long story short my husband calmed me, assured me the problem does not lie with me (again bless his heart) I phoned a friend, she explained everything step by step and I got all the work submitted! Literally all the work! . With this long story I just want to tell you that God has everything under control, even if you break down. I had amazing today, support from people that didn’t even realize they said something right. We can do this moms. . On top of it all, it’s #worldbookday and it’s the one thing I’ve missed so much. Reading!!! Readers are leaders right? After my break down this morning I want to celebrate books! In abundance because reading is my thing and I really truly grow because of it. So cheers to World Book Day! I have another absolutely amazing friend that gave me a bottle of red today, because she loves me so much. #lockdownstrugles . Let’s pray for one another and if I can give you any advice today, if you feel someone on your heart, send them a message and tell them they’ve got this. To you it might seem like nothing, but to them it could mean the world.

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Day Twenty Nine

Friday!!! Favourite day of the week. After a long and difficult week, filled with so many technical issues I had to look at all the things we did that was good. When I found the video’s we recorded for Nika’s reading assessment in her second language, it made my day. She was so funny.

A good reminder of the fact that not everything is bad, no matter how much I struggled all week with the “system” we had such amazing times together. I just came to the conclusion at the end of the week that I will not allow the school to steel my joy. I know this is not easy, but hey I have to try every day to make it better and better.


Finally weekend and it’s a long one!!!!! God was so amazing when He planned all of this. Next week is a new week, new things to do and new adventures to fill.

Be safe and lots of love xxx

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