Drive Behind Home Schooling

As you know by now, we are switching to home schooling. Here are some of the main reasons why we chose this path.

1 – Time

I was that mom that didn’t want to send her kids to school. I kept them home with me for as long as I could.

Sharing Is Not Always Caring

I waited so long to become a mommy and the struggle was so real, I never really wanted to share them with anyone. Taking them too school was a bit like sharing them with someone else. Although my kids have mostly only had the best teachers who absolutely adored them, it was still sharing in my eyes. It was time I didn’t get.

Sharing Time

When they were little the school didn’t take much of our time accept for mornings. As the kids got bigger and bigger, school became a bigger part of our lives and world. I didn’t like that very much. I was very involved at school back in the Free State and although I loved helping, I also saw it as a time thief.

The only free time we had as a family, to be together became less and less. School started having more events over weekends which dug into my personal time.

I realise schools need to raise capital, but on my watch? We only have eighteen years with them. Sometimes we just have to decide school won’t consume our entire lives. I have four kids, so school consumed us four times as much. I can’t even convert that in Rand value.

2 – When They Say

When they say something, we have to follow. (They being the school.) It came to the point where we had to organise and plan our own lives around the school calendar, weekend or not.

I Served My Time

No offence to anyone, but I had my fair share of listening in school. I served time, twelve years of it. I didn’t realise that I will do time again when my own kids go to school.

As an adult I honestly want to have a say over my own life… as well as over my own kids lives. I don’t want to do with my life or time what “they” say. I am a brat when it comes to my family and my time. It’s the one place where I put my foot down. Those are two things we have only a limited amount of time, and it can be taken away from us in a blink of an eye.

3 – Learn To Say No

When we moved about a year ago I promised myself to never rush around like I did back in the Free State. With four kids I often bumped back into myself, rushing around like a Formula 1 driver from point A to point B.

It changed a little once we got to Gauteng, I was strict with myself. I stopped saying yes to absolutely everything. I learnt to say no. This was a big and valuable lesson in my life. Still I found myself giving up more time to compulsory school events than what I wanted to.

Time Is Valuable

Some of you might not agree with me at all, but time is so valuable to me. I turned twenty yesterday and now a I am on forty in less than a year. I want to make most of my time with my kids, before they go off and live their own lives.

4 – Travel

Travel is a big part of my decision. As some of you already know we love jumping in the car and exploring. I want to make travel a big part of our live journey, especially now that the kids are bigger. Who know’s, maybe I am even planning a trip around the world. If the kids are in school, we are again bound by their restricted holidays. In the six years that my oldest has been in formal school, I think she’s only once finished a term on the last day of school.

All the teachers who taught my kids knew I was going to take them out at least three days before the school actually closed. They always said, “you know I am not allowed to give you permission, but I also know you will go anyway.” (bless them all)

There You Have It

These were my big reasons for making this vital decision. I have some other smaller reasons as well, but it was mainly based on living our life on our terms, taking control over our time, the do’s, the don’ts and our future travel plans.

I won’t say I am not scared but I am more excited than anything else. This will change our world forever but for the better. The kids are super excited. This was something they wanted long before I decided to think about it.

Will I?

Will I miss that first morning after a long school holiday? I am sure I will. Will I feel like I made a mistake at some point? I might on a bad morning, but I prayed about this for so long, then I gave it even more time. This is where I am suppose to go. This is what I am suppose to do.

What will happen to Muppie Lounge? I don’t know, but my kids will always come first. Once I know for sure, I will fill you in.

It’s a new adventure for us. I love adventures, so I say bring it on!

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