February 2020

Time to talk about what I did in February . My entire year plan is here. I am hoping to stick to it as I get through each month. I dedicated February to love, which should not come as a surprise. Not just love for my husband, but also loving myself. We so often forget about ourselves because that is what life is like. We rush around and make sure everyone else is okay, and in the process forget about ourselves. Especially when you are a wife and a mom. I am very serious about my to do list this year and will try my best to not get side tracked. I always have a million goals and get lost in life before end of March.

I need changes in my life. This whole journey is not just to stick to some random list but to improve my life, my health and my entire mindset. This is the year for transformation.

Where It All Began

February started with a wonderful weekend trip where we went to ATKV Buffelspoort Resort just an hour away. School was in full swing by the time we hit February and I was back to being the taxi mom, remembering a thousand things a day and just going all the time. It was a month filled with celebrations, including my own birthday and our twenty-one year “dating anniversary.” Yes we celebrate both our marriage and dating dates. Life is so serious and a rush all the time, it’s important to celebrate all the little milestones as much as we celebrate the big ones. Here’s my list of little things I did this month that normally I either wouldn’t do or would do for not long enough to make it part of my life.

Intermittent Fasting

I continued with my intermittent fasting. It’s now a way of life for me, I fast Monday to Friday. On weekends I enjoy breakfast with the family and coffee with milk and sugar. Remember what ever you do to make your own life a little better health wise, you have got to do it in a way that you can maintain. It has to fit into your life and your schedule. Some days are harder to push for twenty hours because of life, but then I just make sure I go for at least sixteen hours. Do what is comfortable for you, lifestyle changes are never easy but the trick to make it easier is to make the changes fit into your life.


I am continuing my exercise routine every day, Monday to Friday. I do it the moment I open my eyes and find this way I don’t skip, nothing can pop up that’s more important. Again find the time that suits you best. This was something I gave up because of time, so I had to make sure it fits into my days.

I won’t lie to you, I am not into it yet. I still feel like cuddling the blanket and sleeping a little longer but the important thing is I am persevering. I am sure I will reach a point where I will start enjoying it more. I am literally just doing it at the moment because I want to get fit again. Covering my I and just doing it.


I started drinking Turmeric every day in January. in February I bought a mixture of Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper. I can’t say if it has made a difference yet, but I will let you know. The Turmeric itself made a big difference in January already. I also started drinking Primrose oil. I make a veggie shake each day of the week and give it a rest on weekends. This does not taste very nice but it is super healthy. I have about 150 ml per day. I add Collagen grains in there. I use to drink Cataflam every day, and haven’t touched it since beginning January. The Turmeric has literally cancelled out my Cataflam.


I red another brilliant book  in February by Robin Sharma, The Monk who sold his Ferrari. An incredible book, little shorter than The 5am club but such a good read.

Treating Myself

Fortunately it was my birthday month so I visited the spa twice this month and it was just amazing. A real spoil. I also went for a facial which I haven’t done in such a long time. I coloured my hair from dark to lighter, to cover up the grey’s. I got hair extensions a couple of years ago, wore it for about four months and packed them away. This month I decided to put it back and wow have I enjoyed having instant long hair again. I really spoilt myself, I did my nails and a lot of other small things I usually wouldn’t do.


Having four kids and parents who don’t live near, we hardly ever go on dates. We made time for dates in February and it was super nice just to hang with my man without having the kids in between every five minutes. We celebrated our dating anniversary as well and I actually can’t believe its been twenty one years. 

On a High Note

It was a good month for me and I feel accomplished. If we make small daily changes it can have a big affect at the end of each day and it’s the small steps that will take us to new destinations.

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