Happy Birthday ME

It’s my birthday and I’d like to share one thing with you that I’ve learnt this past year. 

It was a challenging year on so many different levels and so many different areas but I learnt a valuable lesson. One that I will carry with me for life. 

Today I’m thirty eight years old and I am sure of one fact in life. 

It’s Been A Journey

We are what we think we are. If you think strong you will be strong but if you think weak you will be weak. I have no doubt today that we can’t control life and all it’s happenings but we can control how we go through it. 

Being strong has nothing to do with physical muscles, it’s mind over matter. I’ve learnt value in the verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” and I know I am capable to conquer any mountain as long as I believe. 

Believe in myself and trust in God. He has big plans, but we have to hold onto those plans, fight for it every day and have faith while standing strong. 

I’m thankful for this gift I received from God and I’m ready to grow more and live life to the full while He takes us to His perfect destination. 

Happy birthday ME! 


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