His And Hers Christmas Shopping List

Yes, it’s officially that time of the year again!  You might be looking for the perfect gift to spoil your partner, your boss, your mom, dad or your friends.  It’s never too early to start planning and its nice to know that 2-3-day shipping exists for online shopping!  Here are some unique gift ideas for those special people in your life, surprise them with something fun and exciting this Christmas.

1 – The All New Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Christmas Shopping List

For the tech fans in your life.  The latest Apple Watch is more fashionable than ever before with a bigger face and such fun colourful straps to play with. It is completely waterproof and the speaker is 50% louder than before. You can use it as a heart and health monitor, activity fitness tracker and of course – you can get your text messages and make calls on this amazing watch.  It comes in a variety of colour and band options – a perfect gift for both men and women.

Find It Here


2 – Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera

Immediately have your photos with this funky and compact instant camera.   With a press of a button turn on the power, adjust the dial to the lit position, shoot and get your pictures instantly!  The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 will automatically determine the best brightness for taking a photo and will also let you know of the right setting by lighting the corresponding lamp.  This handy little camera even has a selfie mirror and you can shoot close-ups of up to 35 cm away.  It’s almost a must have in any household.

Find It Here

You can find it at most gadget stores and places like Musica, Incredible Connection but if you are on a tight schedule, you can also find it online. http:// https://clicks.co.za/fujifilm_instax-mini-9-camera-ice-blue/p/314698 http:// https://www.takealot.com/fujifilm-instax-mini-9-camera-smokey-white/PLID45087341.

3 – Muppie Lounge Bangle Key Holder and Earrings

Go and have a look at these great gift ideas for ladies, which is not only budget friendly but stylishly stunning too!  The fashionable Bangle Key Holder will ensure that you never misplace your keys again while doing it in style!  A great gift for all the busy moms who are always running around and forgetting where they put those darn keys – we’ve all been there. 

Another great gift idea are the Leather String Earrings – dynamic, versatile and totally on trend, leather earrings are making a big come-back.  Choose from Black, Pink, White, Cream or Grey or why not get a pair in each colour!

Where To Shop Muppie Lounge


4 -Veldskoen Vellies

Happiness is only a pair of shoes away.

A proudly South African product that has gone so popular worldwide!  Vellies walking shoes are made from leather and making a trendy come-back this year.  Now you can get them in a variety of colours and styles.  This is a great gift for men or women who do not own a pair yet, or for the Vellie fanatic who must have a pair in all the colors of the rainbow! There are so many different brands like Moo Shoes and Freestyle Vellies  but Woolworths has done it again. They’ve made it so easy to shop Vellies as they are selling the original Veldskoen on their website, and have all the colors available. Delivery time is two to three days.

Find It Here

Woolworths or Veldskoen Shoes.

5 – HP Sprocket Photo Printer

This portable photo printer is about the size of a cell phone and allows you to print photos straight from your smartphone or tablet.  Simply load the included 10-sheet pack and print instant 5 X 7.6 CM photos or stickers.  You can print through the Hp Sprocket App with Bluetooth technology.

Find It Here


6 – Ice Cream Maker

Have an ice-cream enthusiast or addict in your life?  Why not give them their desired gift that will keep on giving.  With these hot summer days upon us, this is sure to cool down anybody’s day. A fun way to spend time together making something “lekker” for the whole family.

Find It Here


7 – Perfume

There is no present like a bottle of perfume for him or her. It’s something we get to enjoy months after Christmas is over, and it’s one way of testing your partner to see how well he really knows you and your favourites. There is so many different perfumes these days but I like to stick to something that stole my heart twenty five years ago. You can get most perfume brands online and delivered to your door.

Find It Here


8 – Spa Date

What about a Spa voucher? Even better, a Spa voucher for two? If there is one thing we lack these days is quality time. I can’t think of anything better than a day away from the norm, spending it with my husband whilst being treated like royalty.

Find It Here

Melville Wellness Centre

9 – Shopping Voucher

There’s no gift like the gift of choice. With an online shopping voucher you can shop on Christmas Day. It’s the prefect way to gift someone exactly what they want, because they will choose it self. There are a number of awesome online stores in South Africa, not to talk about the chain online stores as well. One of my favourite online stores is Superbalist because they have something fashion and something home. Their delivery time is quick and their site is super user friendly.

Find It Here


10 – Copper Moscow Mugs

Although these mugs are traditionally used for the famous Moscow Mule, it can be used for any Summer cocktail and is the perfect mug to keep that G&T ice cold. They say it’s better to get the ones made out of stainless steel with a copper finish due to health risks. If you know a Gin lover, this could possibly make their year. You can add some stainless steel straws and a bottle of pink or blue gin, and complete the gift in style. I wouldn’t mind a couple of these.

Find It Here

Takealot or at Woolworths

Happy Shopping

Christmas is a time of giving, a time to spoil the people we love. When you choose your gifts this year, make them count. I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day, and sometimes we give without real thought or purpose behind our giving. We should give with purpose, think about our gifts and enjoy the process. Make it count this year . Happy shopping, try get the bulk of it done before the madness sets in.

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