I back the black

Today we wear black in honor of all our farmers and farm murders. Innocent people, entire families that have lost their lives and loved ones in a brutally horrible way. I get it, we need to stand together as a nation. We need to support our fellow South African citizens and we need to leave a mark. I am wearing black today and I mourn with South Africa today for those lives lost. Some of our dearest friends and loved ones are farmers in this country and we stand for black today.




This is heart braking, but you know what’s also touching my heart today? It doesn’t just involve South African citizens, I will be bold enough to cross boarders and say that this includes the entire planet. The fact that so many of us are doing it wrong even from within the home. Everything starts at home.

No matter what race, white, black, Chinese, Arabian or French, this world has become a platform of good and evil and it seems like these days anything goes. Anything is okay. If the world can’t stop you, well then go ahead and do what you like kind of thing. Say what you want, when you want and how you want. Behave however it is that you want, and this from “decent” families and people, of the same race or not the same race. It’s not a racial thing. Choosing to model these ways to our children (the next generation), teaching that THAT kind of behavior is appropriate and acceptable and through that behavior the “bitter” seed is planted.

We as a nation need change and we need to start this change individually, we need to turn our ways away from the world and face God. By doing this doesn’t mean you are invincible or perfect, it doesn’t mean you are better than anyone else or standing on a pedestal. The Lord says to stay humble and fear the Lord, we need to act out of wisdom and not instinct. God is our judge, He is the only Father we should look too and even in those tuff times where your veins want to pop out of anger, or your tongue wants to do permanent damage like a sword in a war, even then He has your back and His mercy covers us.

His promised land is waiting for us and we have that to hold onto, its our hope and we should find our strength in His promises and through that we will find the answers to true joy and peace.

It is not easy to loose, it’s not easy to take the punches, it’s not easy to say good-bye to our loved ones in such harsh circumstances, but we need to keep on believing that God has a perfect plan, we need to hold onto His light and we need to stand up and be different. Anger and hate is what got us here in the first place, we need to walk away from our past mistakes and walk towards the cloud of life. I don’t want to walk through life with a bitter taste in my mouth. I don’t want revenge, but its a choice and a hard one I must add.

If we all start doing the right things and start this at home, it will in the generations to come have a positive ripple effect by God’s grace. Let’s stand together and teach our children how to be different.

I want to end today by saying that all things happen through Christ and He alone can be our refuge and our strength, He alone can give us joy and peace. I pray this peace into the lives of our farmers in this country and as we mourn all our farmers today. May God give everyone the strength to be strong but more importantly be the difference.


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