It’s A Miracle But We Made It!

I honestly don’t know how I got through this week? It’s a miracle! Not only did I manage to make two ball gowns for my girls, but we made it to all our extra activities, we had to study for four formal assessments and my prep for Sunday school is done. 

The Navy Blue One

I finished this in two days. It really wasn’t that hard. I mean I still have to make it shorter but the bulk of the work is done. My cutting hand was so sore, it felt like the muscles in my hand were cut shorter by at least half a metre. 

With this dress I made a skirt to gently fit over the pretty blue dress I showed in my first post.. I had to improvise and get creative. I had so little time for such a big job! 

The result is that she loves it and can’t wait to wear it. Her approval made me so so happy and humbled.

Let’s Choose a Color! 

Nika is older so it’s a little harder. Her favorite color is mint green so we decided that would be her dress color. Again I searched high and low for a top and only found a dress from Truworths which was pink and silver. She can’t stand pink. So, I decided that I would use only the silver part. Sounds confusing I know. Just wait and see.


I had an idea of what to do but to put a picture in your head onto fabric is not easy, especially when you have no experience like me.

I struggled for hours trying to figure out how to do it, how to get the effect I wanted! I even tried YouTube and I can now tell you with certainty that YouTube does not have everything covered!  

I finally got it right. I just kept trying and eventually I did it. I worked until 12:30 and felt like I could go even longer but I forced myself to bed. 

When Nika woke up she loved it! Only a very small piece was done but the effect was there! Yay for me and her! 

What’s Next? 

I have to finish the mint dress! My mommy is back from George and now she can help as well. She’s coming early tomorrow (Friday) morning. Yay for moms! 


In Life there’s Always Hic-ups

My boys have been home sick part of the week and I’ve also battled with fever. (Not me, my Luke) My assistant resigned this week and although I wish her a blessed future and loads of prosperity my heart feels a little heavy. My first half of today I’ll be spending at school baking pancakes but once I get back this afternoon I’ll get cracking and make my way to the finish line.

Shoes And Accessories

They both have shoes and hair accessories. They are going to look like princesses, but don’t tell Nika I said so. She won’t like that. Eight going on thirteen attitude. 

Counting Down. 

They can’t wait! I can’t wait. One more day to go and I’ll see the girls in their gorgeous dresses that have caused me endless trips to the fabric store and meters and meters of fabric. 

It was worth it and I’m not even done yet.

My kids and I have made it to the end of the week in one piece. It’s a miracle, but we made it.  All glory goes to God. 

Be sure to follow my social media pages as I’ll reveal the dresses on Saturday once they are ready to go.

Let me get back to stitching.

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