Merry Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and I am sitting here at my parents house and wonder how we got here so fast. I am trying to capture the special moments but for some reason it all happened so fast, the only way I can really remember and fully appreciate every moment is when I scroll down and look through all my photos.

My Wish This Christmas

If I could make a wish this Christmas I wish:

  • To slow life down. I wish to install something like the “slo-mo” option on the iPhone Photo app.
  • I wish to not miss a thing and to live life fully, every moment. Every minute.
  • I want to improve our lifestyle and focus on quality instead of quantity.
  • I want to read more books and already have a couple on my reading list.
  • I want to watch more movies with my kids instead of being busy while they watch a movie.
  • I want to walk, not run. Not rush.
  • I want make more time for the people that is important to me.
  • I want to teach myself how to not take time for granted. I want to become a friend of time and not an enemy.

This is what I wish for Christmas and I believe all this is possible for me, for us as a family. Through proper planning, better scheduling and prioritizing I know I can do this.

Merry Christmas

From my side I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I pray you have a wonderful blessed time with family and loved ones during the festive season. Stay safe and look after each other and yourself.

Christmas Love


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