New Year, New Beginings

It’s That Time Of The Year

Without a doubt this has been one fast year. It seems like just the other day I wrote a post about what I planned for 2018. My eyes are starting to blink a lot faster than before.  We are heading towards Christmas and it feels like I celebrated my birthday yesterday. It was back in February by the way. I am buying stationary for next year and am looking at getting a new diary. I mean, I did all this yesterday. Time really is becoming my most valuable possession and the one thing I have absolutely no control over.

2018 And All The Shenanigans

It’s Been Good

I started the year by telling myself I won’t take on anything new. That was my thing this year. To use my time wisely and just grow. Grow spiritually, mentally and, well, physically. It turned out I took on one of my biggest challenges yet, I climbed Kilimanjaro I also conquered Muddy Princess which means I think it is safe to say I grew physically.

I grew mentally as well because climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a mental climb from long before I even arrived on the mountain.

I launched two new ranges over at Muppie Lounge which I am very proud of. My blog grew in a way that I am in awe off. And although this has become more of a side line thing for me at the moment, only due to the time factor, I have learnt so much in the past year. I know that I have grown as both a writer and a blogger.

I also got to minister to over 1300 children this year which was absolutely amazing and such an honour to serve.

We have also started a new family tradition where we go away one weekend a month and just be together. This started in August and it’s been wonderful for the six of us. We love to travel and I am so happy we have done this. We haven’t skipped a month yet so I am proud of us for sticking to our plan.

The Year Had Some Bad Too

I’ve had to say good-bye to one of my closest friends in the world. Not only did this break my heart, I have missed her every day since she’s been gone and I often wonder when that pain in my heart will go away.

I’ve had to adjust to having two kids in big school and I had mom fails on a daily basis like never before. I messed up so bad at times that even I was surprised we made it through each day.

I have struggled with my health for the first time in my life this year and I still don’t have all the answers, it was tough and still is knowing that I am not my old self, physically again.

I’ve also come to realise that marriage is not a joke, and it really is hard work. I’ve had to learn to treasure what I have and take care of it no matter how tired I get, no matter how busy I am, no matter how many things I have on my to do list.

I had to learn to stop at times and just sit, be still and know that He is God. I still have a lot to learn, but I know I’ve walked the road I have the past year because there are things I need to see. Things I haven’t been able to see.

Heading Towards 2019

My hopes and dreams have grown even bigger and I often wonder if there will ever be a stop sign for me. But for now, I am resting. Resting with my family and making sure when we go into 2019 it will be with the full armour of God.

My third child is going to Grade One in January. I am not sure how exactly I am going to cope but I will find a solution to ensure I don’t repeat my mistakes of 2018. Whilst I know that I don’t have to be perfect all the time, there’s nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself.

I look forward to the new year, and if my plans fall in with God’s plans I can’t wait to grab it with both hands. I am excited to have things to look forward to and I am excited to see what adventures might pop up.

Most importantly I want to grow in Christ. I want to know what it is He has in store for me, I want to see where He wants to take me and I want to understand why certain things have come and gone. I believe nothing in life was, or is, for nothing. Everything happens for a reason, I want to find that reason. Maybe I will find my answers, maybe not.  But I am most certainly going to search.

All I know for sure is I want more. I want to live fuller, love more, create without boundaries, grow personally and fall in love with life itself.

Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have something new and exciting planned for 2019 or are you just a “go with the flow” person. Take things as it comes?










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