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We always go on holiday in Cape Town, and because we have four kids, we are always looking for things to do with kids while relaxing and having a break from life ourselves. We all know being parents is a twenty four hour job, so even when you are on holiday, it’s hard work. That’s why I am always looking for places that provide entertainment for the whole family.

I am a mom of four amazing kids that drive me crazy, but their schedule drives me even more crazy, so I live for holidays. I make a point to get out of town as soon as those school gates close. I mostly solo travel with my kids and hubby joins us over long weekends. I choose different routes to Cape Town and we normally just stay in and around Cape Town for the remainder of our holiday. We love the Western Cape, and although we are not locals, I feel like I could be one. I decided to share some places that my kids love. Let’s face it, not all places are awesome, so when you find that perfect spot, it’s worth sharing. I’ll only share our favorite hotspots. Not too long ago I wrote a post about Betties bay which is not in Cape Town itself but a really nice scenic route on the R44 towards the East Coast.

Giraffe House

Today I am taking you to another place with animals, just a little more in Cape Town. I am always looking for places with animals, my kids adore animals, nature and the outdoors. Giraffe House is a wildlife awareness centre just off the N1 going towards Stellenbosch. There is a variety of wildlife, and the kids could even feed some of the animals.

Giraffe House
Giraffe House

Meet Gerry The Giraffe

An important member of their team is Gerry, a hand reared giraffe. Gerry is joined by some other animal friends that have been selected to form part of their wildlife educational programs. Education is their primary focus, and they cater from preschool and school groups to older groups. They are also open to general public. We spent over an hour walking around, looking at all the animals, enjoying the fresh air and loving these animals. Other than Gerry we also saw crocodile, monkeys, meerkats, Blue Crane, Ostriches, so many different types of bucks, snakes, tortoises, zebras, some cats and so much more. I fell in love with the Eland, and that’s where I decided I would love one in my back yard 🙂

They also have a small tuck shop where you can get some snacks (not food), something to drink or ice cream. We went straight for the ice creams, after our walk we were hot and that was the perfect end to our little adventure. There’s also a small play area for the kids where you can enjoy your drink. The facilities are always important when you have kids and I am happy to say it was very clean.

Winter Months

I personally think it’s the perfect thing to do with kids during the Winter months when the days are warm. It’s hidden from the wind and you can bake in the sun while taking a stroll. Shoes are a necessity. It was super easy to find on Google Maps and the signs are huge, you can’t miss it. So if you need to get out of the Cabin this Winter, go visit Gerry and his friends in Cape Town. It’s a trip worth making.

Giraffe House
Giraffe House




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