This is my year to grow!


I have one major goal for 2018 and that is to find order in my chaos. Having four kids and being a wife on its own is enough to create chaos in any home. Not to talk about all the other things I do.

I’ve added something new to my life each year since 2009. Four of those years were New babies, I was pregnant for literally 5 years and it felt like it was none stop. It was in those years I kind of lost control and just became laid back, maybe too laid back.

After my last baby was born I just added something new to the schedule every year, and it wasn’t small little things, although at the time I never thought it would take up so much time or grow to the extend some of these ventures have grown.

This year I want to find a system where I can operate all these wonderful things I was blessed with smoothly. I want to rock in each department and ace the year with an A++ instead of just adding something new.

Here’s 5 ways I noted to myself to get order in 2018.

My golden rule for 2018 is to not take on anything new this year. Rather take that energy and time and invest it in what I have right now, growing in those areas and getting better at what I do NOW.

I’ve always been big on routine and it works. This year I’ll have to find a new routine as I’ll have a second child in Primary school and for the first time in eight years there will be no baby at home in the mornings. All my kids will be at school. Routine is something we adjust as we go and as the kids grow, this year is an important year for routine check!

These two things are my down fall, I really don’t like food shopping and like cooking even less, I’ll have to become a planner in this area to not (a) waist so much time shopping every day and (b) saving money by shopping maybe once a week instead of daily. I want to focus on quick but healthy meals and plan in advance so this doesn’t steal my time.

I am the first person to make “to do” lists but the last person to keep to them. When I get to Thursday’s I’m normally still trying to get through Monday’s. I’m going to use sticky notes in color (I function well in color) and I’m going to use the calendar on my phone a lot more. GET IT DONE!

If I can teach myself to schedule my mornings and days wisely and then stick to those time frames I can spend my time wisely keeping order in the schedules and to do lists.

I really don’t want to feel so “busy” anymore, I don’t want to work under pressure with dead lines and I don’t want to waist time doing things I can source out. I believe with proper planning and a good functional schedule I’ll be able to manage 2018 a lot better than the last couple of chaotic years.

I want to strive for orderly success this year! This is my year to grow!



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