Tips and Tricks for shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday 2019 South Africa will be on Friday, 29 November. Deals are already being advertised and specials will run right through to Cyber Monday, 2 December.  Whether you are shopping online or gearing up for the busy shops, you are sure to find great deals from all retailers.  This day can be a crazy one with people queueing for hours to get to those bargains, fortunately there are online specials too with just a few clicks away in the comfort of your own home.  Here are some tips to shop smarter and get the most out of Black Friday shopping.

Sign Up to Newsletters and Download the Mobile Apps and Score Early Deals

Think about where you want to shop this year and visit those websites and sign up to the newsletters with your email – this will keep you in the loop and alert you of upcoming specials as well as what time the specials will start – especially with online shopping where most sales will start at midnight, 29 November 2019.  A lot of online shops are promoting downloading their mobile app – with added benefits when it comes to Black Friday specials.  Some shops are starting their sales a few days before Black Friday already, bookmark your favourite websites now and follow your favourite retailers on social media.  Just a few examples of how you can benefit when signing up to newsletters and by downloading the mobile apps:

Zando:  You can stand a chance to win one of five R5000 vouchers exclusively to shop on Black Friday

Takealot:  Download the Takealot app for exclusive app-only deals – they are referring to the upcoming sale as the Blue Dot Sale

Bidorbuy:   Win all your Black Friday shopping back in Bidorbuy vouchers

Know What You Want and Prioritise Your Shopping List

Make a list of what you are looking for – what you need to buy not want to buy!  Add to your list the shops where you will find these items and focus on the “most wanted” list first. You might be shopping online only, but if you are shopping in-store walk straight to the department where you will find the items on your list – it can be so tempting to grab everything you see on sale around you!  Have a back-up plan – a second choice as you might not find your desired item, or it is already out of stock.  So have a priority shopping list with second choices just in case. 

*Use cash – know your budget and once that is set along with your list, get the cash or a cash card and leave the credit cards at home!  This way you cannot overspend and buy everything you see!

Don’t Go Shopping by Yourself

Shop with a friend – not only will this be more fun; it can be so helpful too!  You could both help each other to tick off those must-have items on your lists.  You could visit the electronic section while your friend is searching for those wanted items in the toy section.  And you can support each other in buying only what is on the list!  

Don’t Bring the Kids!

For those of you who are planning on hitting the shops and malls, might I suggest leaving the kids at home?  Yes, they will want to come along, but imagine standing in those long queues with the kids and as tempted as you will be to buy everything you see, having your kids there begging for everything they see will not help the situation.  And of course, you wouldn’t want them to see what you are buying them for Christmas.

You Don’t have to Shop for Christmas Gifts only

If your budget allows it, you can make a list of upcoming events next year like a wedding, birthdays or a baby shower – all things needed for all events will be on sale, so you can grab those bargains and pay less than half the price you would normally have to!

Get Out there Early or Shop Late

Get to the shops ahead of opening time – yes, a few people will be doing this already, but you will stand more of a chance to get those wanted items before they are sold out and hopefully get out before the queues are too long.  Your other option to avoid the crowds would be to shop late.  Shops will be open till up to 8pm and it is sure to be quieter – just keep in mind that most items might be gone by this time.  

*Some shops will offer early bird specials as well as late shopper deals.

Rather Shop Online

If you don’t see yourself in the chaotic shops and queuing for hours you are in luck!  Most if not all online stores are in on Black Friday – and most of your favourite in-store shops have online shopping and will include Black Friday sales online too!  Set your alarm, put on the coffee pot and be ready to start shopping at midnight!  Times have changed when it comes to Black Friday shopping – with a week of pre-sales and deals living on past Black Friday into Cyber Monday.

Be Sure to Understand the Return Policy

Some shops will have different rules when it comes to returns on Black Friday deals.  Make sure you understand the return policy and look out for returns being valid for a limited time.  Make yourself aware of non-refundable or non-returnable purchases.  

Get your research out of the way well ahead of the day to scoop up a great deal on Black Friday items.

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I hear you and it’s true. We do buy things we don’t need but if you have a plan of action you could save a lot of money on Christmas shopping. For instance we bought 4 hover boards last year and what could have cost us 20k cost us only 12k

Some great tips here. I steer clear of Black Friday unless it’s something essential. Also, know your prices. Alot of goods and services are NOT marked down significantly. If I do shop, I do it online. I just don’t have the time or the energy to stand in tjose queues.

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