Who Is She, The Muppie Mummie

Who is the Muppie Mummie?

I created a brand that has made me acutely aware of who I really am. With each range I find out more about myself and this road of discovery has been amazing. It’s hard at times because some things are better left alone, but once we work through these things we become stronger and find ourselves in a much better place. It’s time to define who she is, the Muppie Mummie.

The Muppie Mummie

To start off, she is a mom. She values herself and carries herself with confidence and doesn’t need to make a statement with name brands or to wear what everyone else tells her to wear … or to be. She gets all this right by just being her own confident self. She’s the kind of girl that can wear a black bag and still look good, but she doesn’t and this is where it all comes in.

She’s all about comfort, comfort for her, not comfort according to the style mags. She can follow her own style and make it up as she goes along. She follows other moms on Instagram because they inspire her. She is always looking at becoming better in herself. It makes her feel like she’s not the only mom who experiences difficult days and epic mom fails. She handles that with confidence because she knows no one is perfect and she is confident enough to embrace her own flaws. She knows she is enough, perfectly imperfect. Lifestyle and time are more important than cars and houses.

She can wear a no name brand pair of jeans or ripped shorts and just add a Tee with it and wear it like she’s wearing Prada. She looks good in it too, because of the confidence. She wears it with style because she is the style. She has 20 white tees in her cupboard, all the same yet different with chirpy quotes or funky images. It’s not about the size she buys, it’s more about how she owns her body, loves it and has inner peace with who she really is. She is past the point of those insecurities, she’s now grown and become her very own favourite person to spend time with.

Fitness Freedom

She’s into a healthy lifestyle. Not just eating or exercising, it’s about more than that. It’s not an hour a day thing, it’s who she is, the way she leads her family and values her own health. Mental, physical and emotional health. Balance. Balanced. Confidence. Confident to have coffee in trainers, tights and a tee.

Dressed For Success

A casual mom can dress casually in any pretty dress. Isn’t it nice to just throw a light dress over your head and carry on with your day. Feeling fabulously beautiful all day long, especially in summer. There is just nothing better than a cool flowy dress.

T-Shirt Tales

Those days when she doesn’t know what to wear, those moments where she stands in front of a cupboard full of clothes and she finds nothing to wear. Is it the mood? Is it the weather? Is it hormones? Who knows. We are all woman, we all have our days. It’s those days she pulls out a white T-shirt, one she’s worn a million times before with her most comfortable pair of jeans and flats. She looks effortlessly stylish just because she is comfortable and feels no pressure.

This Muppie Mummie is planning big things for Muppie Lounge.

We all have a special place under the stars and this brand has become so part of who I am and what I am becoming. Once the Love Affair range is over, I am planning to take a short break until Spring 2019. Not to lie around and do nothing, but to work hard behind the scenes and smash Spring 2019. Muppie Lounge is not your ordinary brand, its a lifestyle and when you jump into your Muppie Lounge dress or T-shirt, or when you go to spinning in your Muppie Fitness gear, you must feel everything I’ve just mentioned in this post.

Make sure you follow Muppie Lounge on social media, there will be popup shops while I take a break and the current website will still be running while I’ll be busy with a new site to launch in September. I will also run specials so don’t miss out on anything good.

Advice From The Muppie Mummie

Don’t define yourself by the opinion of others.
Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to be someone else, trust me the grass is never greener.
Find yourself and fall in love with who you are.
Own your confidence, don’t belong to anything else.
Be uniquely you because you are enough.
Never doubt your instincts
Know your worth and stand up for it.
Know when to keep quiet, sometimes it’s just not worth it.
Count your heart-friends on one hand, not two.
Remember if you are a mom, your kids will learn from your behaviour, your confidence and your example. Being true to yourself is exactly what they need.


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