Buckle up kids! 

Exhausted after a long week with all the kids home and long late nights with the melodrama that continues tonight.  I kept my children home this week, it’s so cold and I don’t want to invite colds and flu into the house. I also kept my oldest at home because they had melodrama all week […]

Hats off! 

Today was the first night of the school melodrama, and I am exhausted. Feels like we made food all day, but when I walked through my door tonight I couldn’t wait to eat! I was so hungry!!! After I don’t know what felt like 500 loafs of bread for toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and […]

On my knees

The evening started with me serving creamy chicken soup, I was just about to take my first bite and saw my daughter jump up, next moment I just heard the sound of a waterfall and that’s when I realized she was vomiting. All over the passage, even on the walls.  I gave her something for […]

Consumer world

I wonder sometimes how easy it is to just get caught up in the consumer part of life. How easy it is to fall in love with stuff. Stuff that doesn’t actually matter. Stuff that doesn’t bring real joy. Yet we all want stuff, nice stuff!  Isn’t it nice to have the biggest iPad and […]

Complete peace

When God made the world He really did think of everything! That He knew the importance of rest and this special rest day!  I was so lazy today and literally did nothing! It was so nice, sometimes it’s good too just be together.  We watched movies, played with blocks, sat around the table as a […]

Thankful heart

Tonight as I switch off my lights to go to bed I thank God for good friends in our lives. We had such a busy day today and through all the busyness, I feel like we were always surrounded by real people. We live in a world where it is not always possible to know […]

Never give up! 

I don’t have too much to say tonight accept that I feel a little battled out with life. Dealing with any kind of problem in life is hard, no matter what it is. There are so many things that can just get us down and under, divorce, sickness, death, work….. I’m talking real battles, real […]