On my knees

The evening started with me serving creamy chicken soup, I was just about to take my first bite and saw my daughter jump up, next moment I just heard the sound of a waterfall and that’s when I realized she was vomiting. All over the passage, even on the walls. 
I gave her something for nausea couple hours earlier but clearly it didn’t work. One minute I was finally sitting, peaceful at the table, ready to eat and the next moment I found myself cleaning the wall and floor on my knees and bathing my daughter. 
Isn’t this a little what life is like? One moment things go well and the next moment things can just fall apart and those are the moments we spend on our knees the most!? 
Thing is we never know what’s going to happen next and we always need to be prepared for what’s coming. When we have God in our lives we can take on anything. In the up moments as well as the down moments. 
Life isn’t always smooth sailing, it isn’t always perfect. We do go through tests, when we least expect it and it’s those moments that will define us as people, as mothers. 
I need to learn to spend more time on my knees, even when the sun is shining, so that I’ll be so trained when the sun is not shinning. 

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