Devine plan

I’m so excited! I know Gods plans are big but when you actually see how Gods hand puts things together it is breath taking! I’m experiencing life different for the first time in my life this year and I’m really starting to understand the Devine plan He has for all of us. I see how […]

Facing my giant! 

Ever been in a place in your life where you facing what seems like the biggest mountain ever in your life?  I told a good friend about something I’m facing at the moment and what God has told me to do. It’s nothing major but for me it’s like massive. I’m generally a confident woman […]


We think cross roads are not that important and we think if we take a wrong turn here, it can be easily fixed over there. Or should I say we sometimes think like this. Problem is we don’t always realize that a very small decision in life can make such a big impact on your […]