Tired mommy! 

It’s funny how at the beginning of a school term we never hit the snooze button. We get everything ready the night before, so the next morning you basically just grab the bags and go! Everything is well organized and you feel energized. Then comes 4 weeks into the term and you start leaving certain […]

Wall of faith!

I want to try something new, well it’s not new, I’m sure somewhere in this world someone has done it but its going to be for me in a way.  I am going to make the entire wall around my bathroom mirror an inspirational wall. It might not be classy and it might not suite […]


My hands are like jelly today! Actually my entire arm but especially my for arms! It’s crazy! I went to boxing today, and it was insane! 5 minutes into it I was already half dead! I honestly have no idea how I made it. For the rest of the day I was done! Imagine a […]