I back the black

Today we wear black in honor of all our farmers and farm murders. Innocent people, entire families that have lost their lives and loved ones in a brutally horrible way. I get it, we need to stand together as a nation. We need to support our fellow South African citizens and we need to leave […]

On my knees

If there is one thing in life I don’t understand, it’s the way things have changed from the days we were kids. “I DON’t REMEMBER THINGS BEING LIKE THIS!” I’m not even going into the freedom we had riding our bikes in the streets, or the fact that we could walk kilometers to the café, […]

No words!

I’m stuck in front of my computer, trying my absolute best to “work”, but I’m struggling. My head feels fuzzy, my ears are aching and my throat is on fire!!! I’m grateful three of the four kids are at school. A “tantrum cry” comes from the room next door and I force myself to walk […]

Oh my word!!!

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but it wasn’t worse than Sunday, so I figured just go to gym “at 5am” and work it off. As the day continued my neck got stiff and my shoulders numb…. almost exactly the same feeling as when you get an epidural during labour. You can feel […]

5 Weeks to go!

As we draw near to the end of 2017 I feel extreme gratitude and see God’s grace and mercy around every corner we passed. However every year that pass me by feels faster and maybe even more challenging. As the kids grow bigger, so does the challenges and their personalities. I’m also growing as a […]