Oh my word!!!

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but it wasn’t worse than Sunday, so I figured just go to gym “at 5am” and work it off. As the day continued my neck got stiff and my shoulders numb…. almost exactly the same feeling as when you get an epidural during labour. You can feel your legs but they are numb at the same time. Every time I swallow it feels like I’m swallowing an apple – a whole round apple. I’m sitting with a headache but not on the front of my head, more to the sides, and my ears are not sore but they feel super sensitive. Especially to the little screams and laughs the kids make. I do get like a sting in my left ear every now and again but all the other discomfort makes that seem like a walk in the park! I don’t even know how I’m writing this right now, but I’m scared if I don’t I might forget and can’t explain all the detail in detail.

I seriously got to some point yesterday where I was asking myself: “girl, how in the world are you still standing?” While I felt all this discomfort I had a photoshoot for 2 new products and I launched it! Three of my four kids were home sick! I sorted 30 t-shirts (painted their names one by one and untied all the ties after tie dying their shirts! Sunday school concert) My oldest daughter has a test week, I managed to study with her and got her to her music lesson but forgot my sons maths (although he was sick in my defense.) I baked with the kids because I felt sorry for them….. shame they not feeling well and I managed to feed them when supper time came. At that point I just …. I don’t know wanted to go book myself into hospital.

My husband left the continent and I never saw him arrive or come to bed…. single parenting is not for “sissies!” I never get sick!!!! Like ever!!!! My entire family got swine flue once and I was nursing them for 3 weeks by myself (domestic worker also got it) and I never got sick….. this time I guess was just one of those times where it’s my turn.

So to get back to the question I asked myself: “Girl, how are you still standing?”

Well, because I’m a mom first and far most, this is what we do, we stand but more importantly because when I can’t anymore, then God takes over. He gives me strength in ways that normally wouldn’t be possible. He carries me through the valley of death (exactly how I’m feeling) and eventually I know I’ll find the green pastures. I mean I haven’t been sick in ages…. I think once a year is okay. (I really mustn’t complain)

So now the road to recovery (without antibiotics because I banned it from my house) and then complete the week strong and God willingly on a high note!

Until then…. I’m taking it easy, or easier although I was up at 4:10am this morning for our weekly family prayer meeting – I figured it’s the one thing I can really do with right now.22728916_1994510994155412_1966954270461833303_n.jpg

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