He’s got my back.

  Let’s face it, life is tuff. Not only do we have to fight for survival in our daily needs we have to fight for emotional needs, physical needs and most importantly our spiritual needs. This is not the 70’s where people had low white picked fences, drive-in movie theaters, open windows and unlocked doors when […]

Walk on water.

  Written one late night….. I couldn’t sleep so I got hold of my phone and started writing…. to myself from myself while talking to God. I’m lying in bed and I’m sure I hear something. Can it really be God? He’s speaking to me, he is telling me to walk on water. I want […]

Road Trip Tips.

Going on a road trip soon? Not sure about how the kids will handle it?  Here a couple of tips based on my own experiences over the last couple of years. I’ve been traveling with my four kids alone (hubby commutes by plane over weekends) and have learnt through my years of experience. Important facts!  […]