My Bedtime Confession

I know for a fact I am not the only mom that looks forward to bedtime from around 5:30pm! The worst part about that is the fact that we know the hardest tasks are still ahead! Feeding them, serving them, cleaning them. In my case, still dressing some of them. The giving of medicine, even when they are not sick because I don’t have time to do vitamins in the morning, and occasionally the dreaded nebulizer when they are that kind of sick.

It is amazing what you can and must fit into the last few hours of the day!


I will be honest, when I say “it’s bed time” I literally mean sleep time. I just want them to climb into bed and sleep. The reality is that this just doesn’t happen. Every night they still want to tell me little stories, ask me questions about things they wonder about, one more kiss, can I hold their hand, can they quickly go to the toilet, again! Need I say more? It is exhausting. Especially four times every night, times everything I just mentioned.

The Silence

When they are finally all sound asleep, I love the silence. I anticipate my cup of tea and lying on my back. Even if it isn’t for very long, because I know I’m going to have to get back up soon so that I can do all the pre-morning preparations. You know, like pack school bags, get the lunch boxes out and pack what I can so long. I pack most things in the morning but if I can pre-pack things like chips or dried fruit then I do it. I even sometimes get my coffee cup ready, and when I am really tired and know I’m going to hit the snooze button I’ll even put the sugar in so long. It’s one less thing to do in the morning.

Why is it that these little people can be so exhausting? Why is it that they can cause a tornado inside the four walls of a house? Why is it that we can’t live without them, but we love it when they are fast asleep? Don’t get me wrong, my kids are my world and everybody that knows me will confirm that. But there are moments where I feel so overwhelmed by these little people. They carry a funny power! A ruling power.

This is why we do it! This is why we adore them.

They are us. They are a part of us! Our blood runs through their veins. They are a gift! Every year is a gift! Every laughter, every tear, every memory!!! They bring the “wow factor” to our lives. They bring tears of happiness, they love unconditionally, they don’t just forgive but they forget! They are my babies!

So, when it’s finally my bedtime, and I climb into bed after two selfish hours where it was all about me, I miss them. I pray for them and I thank God that He trusted me enough to give me these four! He hand-picked me for them, and now it’s my job to get these little people to become great warriors for Christ one day!

With that said, I bow down and humbly ask for forgiveness for those quick answers and an irritated attitude sometimes. I’m just a mom with four kids trying to do my best.

I’m not perfect, but my God is!

Thank you for my children, Lord. I know they are a gift from You. Daily I need Your strength and wisdom to train them in the way they should go. Give me patience and a joyful heart. Let me be an example of Your love and forgiveness. Thank you, Father, for the honor of being a parent.


  1. What a beautiful post M. I have a strict let’s get the kids to bed routine. My husband is the softy that allows all the whims and quirks🤣but that being said as soon as they are asleep, I’m constantly checking on them whikst trying to relax/prep for the next day/spending alone time with my Dude/etc…. I love your statement ” they are us” sums it all up beautifully❤


  2. So true… I also value bedtime so much! Just having time to myself. But I love that quote you have, and I also need more patience.


  3. Aaaahhhh bedtime is such a special time even for me and my husband to have the space to hear each other talk, bounce things off and have a little just us time. I do love my kids dearly though – love this post! xx

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  4. Haha! I’m not even a mom and I STILL look forward to bed time and silence and all those wonderful things that are assoicated with the rest of the family going to sleep. 🙂


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