Kilimanjaro – Part 2

I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro.

Before you read my post, make sure your read this post first to know the reasons behind me climbing the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

I’ll be honest, I have been so chilled about getting fit because in my eye December is so far away! Until the day my dad made a suggestion that we go in September. His reasons were valid enough to agree to it. He said this way we can, and take note this is from someone that recently climbed this very mountain…. he said: “so that we can enjoy our December holiday.”

His words has left me with a little worry…. but I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro! Let’s worry about that when we get there, right?



I decided to first go on holiday, I think I deserve a good rest before the hardcore games begin, so I did. We went away during the school holidays and that’s exactly what I did. I rested.

As soon as we came back I spoke to my mom and got her suggestions seeing that she also climbed the mountain. Her advice was…. as long as your legs are strong, you’ll be fine. So I figured what better way than the way of Insanity by Shaun T and just so you know, the “T” stands for transformation. 


  • In order for me to have enough time for a good workout I needed to make sure I do this before anyone wakes up in my household.
  • I had to cancel my personal training with my trainer. Sad moment but vital for my journey towards Kilimanjaro.
  • Change my “going to bed” times.
  • Change my alarm clock times.
  • Add more protein to my dieet.
  • Stay more hydrated.

My new schedule:

  • Be awake by 4:30am
  • Get started as early as possible.
  • Get back before anyone realises I left.
  • Wake my kids and get them ready for school.

Anyone can change their schedule to make time for a healthier more balanced life. It won’t be easy, especially in the beginning, but if you plan it, fit it in where you think you can…. then anything is possible.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. It’s a long day, but it’s not impossible. Also the more the weather is changing the harder it’s getting to get out of bed but I’m sure once my brain has registered that it’s nearly winter, it will become easier. This is me before 5am in the mornings.




My saving grace at this stage is the fact that I have a dear friend that is willing to go through all of it with me. She wakes up early and meets me for our workout. She is so awesome and I am so grateful for this. It helps a lot to know someone is waiting for you.



The Fun Part – SHOPPING!

I mean I’m not going to climb the mountain and not get some nice stuff…. shopping is a girl’s best friend. Especially when we are going somewhere new and exciting.

Lorna Jane

I was blessed with a shopping voucher from Lorna Jane for my birthday and figured now is a good time to use it. I have a couple of things from their store and just love it. Not only is it good quality, it lasts forever. So I got myself 2 things from their store – I had to try stay in the budget of my voucher and only paid in a little bit. I got myself a gorgeous cap only because of what it said. It was something I decided I need to see every day and say every day. It says “NO EXCUSES” and its a gorgeous army green which I love due to the fact that I’m going into Africa!




I also got myself a stunning shirt for the first two days when its still hot on the journey up the mountain. I couldn’t resist the beautiful detail on the back. Also love the color, I think if I get dirty and dusty it won’t show. Perfect color to hide everything.





Again I was a very lucky girl with a Superbalist voucher and decided to use it wisely. I got some stuff that I can use on the colder days. Apparently it gets colder the higher you go, and I want to be prepared. I don’t have a lot of body fat to keep me warm so I need layers. I got two sweat tops and just love them.

The New Balance Hoodie is just gorgeous! I love the hoodie, it covers your face like a balaclava which I think will be so useful for the wind and the rain. My parents experienced all the different seasons in 5 day.



My new Puma Hoodie in red made me feel warm but at the same time ready! Red is the color for creativity, so I figured I’ll need some inspiration on the mountain when I feel like I have nothing left inside myself. That’s the day I’ll be wearing my red hoodie!



When I saw this Asics Long Jacket it just worked for me. I love the fact that it is a little longer than the usual jackets and it’s almost like a rain coat. It has a hoodie and a zipper that can keep the heat in and the cold out where it belongs.



Then the last thing I got myself up to this point is my shoe’s. Well my mom got them for me, so sweet. (Thanks mom.) It’s totally NOT my style but I’m listening to the experts here. I went for black because its safe, and the variety in choice is not big. I haven’t started walking in them, but I will once it’s cold enough and I’m ready to drop my sneakers and say halo to the boots. I got them from Cape Union Mart and I am sure I’ll be visiting their store more regularly over the next couple of months. Their variety for mountain climbing accessories and goodies are awesome!




What keeps me going?

At this stage it’s a combination of determination and will power. I’m tired but I know the blood sweat will make it all worth it. Time alone with my dad and God is something I’m willing to give everything for.

I look forward to this adventure and by God’s grace WE will make it all the way to the top.

I’m definitely getting stronger and can feel the preparation and hard work is paying off. I can see the transformation happening. Thank you Giselle for getting up early with me in this weather and leaving your house to meet me for training. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

In times where I know I have to give more or dig deeper I draw closer to God. I get my strength from Him. I can’t do this alone. I’m going to climb this mountain with Him by my side, He is my strength and my refuge.

Follow my blog for the next Kilimanjaro post to see my progress. I’m trying to keep it as fun as possible for as long as I can…. who knows this might be just fun and games if I keep up the good work.



(This is me, exhausted!!! DEAD!!!!)


  1. This is not for the faint hearted. I personally wouldn’t be able to do it…well if I put my mind to it, probably but nope. My sister-in-law, her hubby and a friend did it and it certainly wasn’t easy. Especially the food you have to eat to the way up and the lack of bathroom facilities….but once you reach the top…that sense of accomplishment…I could only imagine but felt the joy for them. I love the Puma top btw. Wish you all the best brave lady!


    1. My parents were also not mad about the food I must admit but I figured it’s only 5 days. I’m focusing on the positives because I know this will probably land up being one of the hardest things I’ve ever done once I get to the finish line. Thank you xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You actually have me feeling inspired… not to climb Kilimanjaro 😂 but to take those practical steps to get fit and in shape again. Also, love all the things you bought – that cap is so cute! All the best with the rest of your training for this incredible experience! xx


  3. I’m inspired and I love your clothing oh my that’s inspiring in itself
    I’m with you in thoughts, prayers and spirit on your journey to the summit x


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