Walk on water.



Written one late night….. I couldn’t sleep so I got hold of my phone and started writing…. to myself from myself while talking to God.

I’m lying in bed and I’m sure I hear something. Can it really be God? He’s speaking to me, he is telling me to walk on water. I want to tell Him things like “who walks on water these days?” But I don’t, I know I don’t have to say anything as He sees my thoughts before they enter my mouth.

I think about it, and I think some more. It hits me…. trust with all your heart and all your soul. TRUST – such a strong word, one that holds so much power, but it’s not that simple. The older we get the harder it becomes to just trust and believe like a child. The amount of heartbreaks and disappointments become a wall between yourself and the way you just trust.

God knows best –

The thing is we all have a picture in our mind – the picture where you would like to see yourself in a year or ten years. Our own destination, for instance a better job, a higher position at the firm, a bigger house, a nicer car, a family, our own business, becoming famous…. there are so many different types of dreams. We are all working towards a destination or dream and trying to make it our reality in the future. There’s one problem with this though…. our dreams and GOD’s dreams for our lives are not always the same and when things don’t work out the way we planned for it to work out, we loose hope and we loose faith. We walk around like we’ve been defeated and this one disappointment steals our hopes and dreams. (And our faith)

I don’t want to walk through life defeated – I want to walk trough life defeating.

I want to be different. I want to walk away from disappointments and face God, trusting that it was His work in order to protect me from something that wasn’t for me or promote me to something far better suited for me. I want to TRUST, but I want to trust with confidence. Always feeling secure in my believe that God has my back no matter what.

I will not allow doubt into my life, I won’t think negative thoughts and I don’t want to question God, ever! I want to do exactly what He tells me to do, I want to get out the boat and walk on water.

I placed my phone next to my bed and closed my eyes, feeling content and satisfied with the conversation I had with God, and as I started falling asleep I knew I will enter a new phase, one where I would have to walk on water and just trust GOD. 

Since this experience I can honestly say by God’s grace and guidance I have moved mountains and am definitely learning to walk on water.

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