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As some of you know and some might not know, I am also the girl behind Muppie Lounge. I absolutely love what I do and in a way it shows off my true colors. I normally write about Muppie Lounge over at the Muppie Lounge Blog but I decided to write about the last range here because it has so much to do with my everyday life as a mom, wife and just being me.

Muppie Lounge

There is so much more to  this brand and why I started it, but the main and most important thing to know for now is that it was aimed at moms. More specifically casual moms who dress for comfort and who feel confident enough to wear jeans with a T-shirt every day. This is me, this is who I am. I am the brand. It’s my style and from there the #MuppieMummie idea was created.

The latest range, which is the third range I have released, is a bit different to the other two because my style and creative inspiration is constantly evolving with my everyday life. Instead of pictures, this range has written prints on the shirts, all relevant to my life. This range is divided into three different categories, the X-Range, the Maris Climbs Kili Range and the Afrikaanse Mensies Range. I decided to print some in Afrikaans because it is my native language and I just had so much to say.  Our four kids are fully bilingual. We speak English at home but they go to an Afrikaans school. It’s part of me, and part of my life.

My Afrikaans Background

I think we were a very “formal” cultural group, if you want to go back forty or fifty years. However in recent years we seem to have learned to relax a bit with the younger generations. Manners is an absolute must, although I am sure this is valid for any culture. As kids growing up “Afrikaans”, life was more intense than it appeared to be for the “English” kids, or so it seemed back then. The English schools were so much more laid back – almost with a surfer vibe. We had to greet properly, sit still, attend very long and boring church sermons, speak only when spoken to, especially when out in public. We were never allowed to interrupt an adult, and had to be clean, neat and presentable when out in public … and say, “No thank you,” when the lady offers another koekie (biscuit).

It wasn’t so intense in our house but I’ve heard some pretty intense stories from the generations before me. I remember as a child I always promised myself I WILL NEVER say the things my mom said, and today she is one of my best friends. She is my “go to” person with anything, my soft rock. I often find myself saying the things she used to say to my brother and I, and as it leaves my mouth I am left with that thought, “Oh my word, did I just say that?”

So I decided to put it on a shirt. Why not? It’s time to tell the story behind the “Afrikaanse Mensies” range.

Skud Die Oom Se Hand

I never realised it, but now that I am an “Afrikaans mom” I know how I feel about it. Every single time we are about to arrive somewhere I give my ‘mom speech’. This one I preach to the boys, especially the older one.

“Asseblief L, onthou tog net as n man n man groet skud jy sy hand.” (I ask him to shake hands with male adults).

Once we are there I find myself whispering through my breath “skud die oom se hand,” every single time. I just love it when he wears this shirt. It makes me smile every time.



Sê Hello Vir Die Tannie

In the Afrikaans culture we kiss. Boys shake hands and girls kiss. I have never forced this on my girls for obvious reasons in today’s world, but I always ask them to please just greet everyone while looking up. This struggle is real.

Even before I was a mom I found this very rude. When someone walks past you and can’t greet. And let’s not even talk about when someone is in your home and doesn’t greet. This is something I tell the kids on a daily basis. I feel like maybe if I repeat myself enough it might stick some day.



Another one of my absolute favourites.

Come on. If you are an Afrikaans mom you must use this as many times as I do. Since my kids started dressing themselves I started using this in the house.

For those who doesn’t understand Afrikaans it says “the wrong way around.” I use this word every single day of my life, there is always one kid who has his or her shirt, pants, undies or even shoes on the wrong way round, and these are the things we check before leaving the house in a rush every morning.

This shirt is available in kids and adult sizes.


Deur Die Dinges

This shirt can basically just say “me” and it will mean exactly the same. Especially when I wake up in the morning. It means “scatter brains.”

This is me most of the time, trying to keep track of four kids, their schedules, homework, activities and tests. I have major mom fails at least once a day. Not even to talk about arriving at the grocery store without my list or completely forgetting to buy cat food from the list in my hand. How I get everyone ready for school on time each day is by God’s grace. My head is all over the show and this is why I love this shirt so much. I am indeed “deur die dinges.”


Alweer Jy, Can’t Deal

I actually wear this shirt way too many times a week. I don’t have to say too much about this but what it basically says is “not you again, can’t deal.” We all feel like this, and more than what we prefer. Sometimes we just want to be left alone, right? As moms we are talked to and nagged all the time. As wives we are being talked to all the time too. And sometimes we just can’t deal. Not in that moment. I can also think of many other reasons I would want to wear this shirt, because there are a lot of times in life where we just can’t deal.



This is so adorable and I don’t think there is a direct translation. It’s typical for a little girl and mostly used by dads or grandfathers. It suited the outfit just perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. If my girls were still little, they would definitely be walking the beach this December wearing this cute little number.


Strand Meisie

This is me, this is us. This is what we do every single holiday. The beach calls us. Translation for this shirt is “beach girl.” Each shirt has a different color pom-pom to keep it fun for the girls.


Vakansie Vibes

Another December holiday beach shirt for the girls. We all want to go on holiday and we all want the holiday vibes to kick in this time of the year.


Ek Gaan Leer Surf

These are just to die for. They come in sizes as small as 0-3 months (baby vest) and are just adorable. Let’s face it, we all had this dream once. We wanted to be a surfer at some point in our lives or date one, why not dream big when you are small?

This print is also available on a white t-shirt – kids sizes


So Much More

There are even more shirts in this range and they are all super cool and hip for right now. It’s Summer and it’s time to get that summer feeling. Muppie Lounge has an online store which means you can get the good stuff no matter where you find yourself in the country.  If you are not comfortable with online shopping YET just pop us a message letting us know which is your dream shirt on either email, Facebook or Instagram.

Muppie Lounge is always ready to serve and to wow you. Everything at Muppie Lounge is limited stock. Nothing goes back into print. If it is sold out, it is sold out forever. Don’t miss out on owning your own little bit of Muppie Lounge. It’s pretty awesome! It’s like wearing your emotions and thoughts on your sleeve.

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Here are more of our awesome shirts in this range


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