Body Stress Release Therapy

I told you in my January post that one of the things I started with in April 2019, and am still doing is my body stress release therapy. Once we moved to Johannesburg I had to find a new therapist. I was happy to find that you can find these therapists all over the country. Michelle has been absolutely amazing and together we have worked so well on my aches and pains that I am currently going every six weeks. I honestly don’t know if I will ever get to a point where I won’t need it at all but it’s good to know I am improving.

Why Did I Start Body Stress Release Therapy?

It is a long story, one that I will share with you in the future, but it all came down to me living in absolute pain every day of my life. With no real answers, no clue what was happening to my body, no direction or solution, I had to start digging. Problem is I am not a doctor, I had no clue where to start. Thankfully I got ear ache in December 2018 and went to the doctor. It was one day before we left on holiday and I didn’t want to sit with an ear infection on holiday. The doctor confirmed that I did not have an ear infection and suggested it could be tight muscles and spasms causing the pain. This was my first real answer I got from any doctor since the problem started in April 2018.

I was advised to start physiotherapy which I did as soon as I got back from holiday in January 2019. I went two to three times a week, she found the spasm in my back behind my shoulder blade. With acupuncture, intense heat and muscle rubs the problem still did not go away. Yes I felt relieve after my sessions but it lasted maximum a day, and that’s why I had to go back every third day. By word of mouth someone told me about Body Stress Release and I decided to give it a go after three months of physiotherapy and no results.

My journey with body stress release started in April 2019 and I had three sessions within the first two weeks. Since then I have gone from every two weeks to now, ten months later every six weeks.

What Is Body Stress Release?

It basically comes down to healing the body from within. Body Stress Release uses information provided by the bodyitself to determine where abnormal muscle tension is undermining the efficiency of the nervous system and disturbing its ability to co-ordinate its functioning.


Who Needs Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to elderly, whether sick or healthy.

As we are subjected to the stressors of living, we tend to accumulate stored tension, with the resulting decline of the body’s efficiency. Babies may have body stress as a result of a difficult birth.
Therefore everyone’s quality of life may be enhanced by being assessed for body stress and having a release from time to time.

Reasons To Go For Body Stress Release

Most common reasons why people come for Body Stress Release:

  • Numbness
  • Muscle stiffness ( with restricted movement and flexibility)
  • Infertility
  • Indigestion, constipation or Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches/ migraines
  • Pins and needles, cramps or burning feet
  • Colic in babies
  • Growing pains in children

If you are on the West Rand, you can contact Michelle, she has been an absolute angel. If you are not in this area, you can find a therapist here. Should there be any additional information you need, you can go read everything on their website.

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