Consumer world

I wonder sometimes how easy it is to just get caught up in the consumer part of life. How easy it is to fall in love with stuff. Stuff that doesn’t actually matter. Stuff that doesn’t bring real joy. Yet we all want stuff, nice stuff! 
Isn’t it nice to have the biggest iPad and the nice car, with the modern kitchen and the big diamond? What does any of it mean? Maybe it means you are wealthy? Or you have a lot of debt? Or even you have worked hard and earned everything you own. 
To page through a magazine or serve the web is exactly the same as window shopping! We see, we like and then we want. And for a while you want until you get and the novelty wears of so quickly, and soon it becomes just another thing that you have. How easy is it to fall into this trap!? And how easy is it to fall into this trap with our children. 
When will enough ever be enough? How do we say no to ourselves and live a lesser life? What is the meaning of all this? Yes I am guilty of this too. Dreaming of nice things, wanting things I can’t just have. I’m just wondering why this goes around? Is it a human nature, is it greed in some weird way, is it normal, or is it the world teaching us to always want more and convince ourselves we need more? 
I hope to teach my children different. It won’t be easy, seeing that they mostly learn from me. I’m not all that bad but I am guilty in wanting. I hope to teach these little people value of things and the difference between value of things and value of life. I want them to have an appreciating heart, focus on giving not just receiving and wanting. As parents we focus on manners and discipline, appropriate language, but we don’t focus so much on this very important lesson in life. 
I don’t want them to find happiness in stuff, I want to teach them happiness from inside, I want to teach them about the joy of the Lord first. 

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