Dear Lockdown Diary Week Five

Day Thirty Three

Back to school and reality after a wonderful long weekend. I am so happy that we have such a short week because Friday is another public holiday in South Africa. The kids work came in and it is not too bad for this week.

When I typed week five, I couldn’t believe it. Never did I ever think we would live in a time like this. Some days are easy and other days are hard, the only way to get through is day by day.

Day Thirty Four

You know that morning when you wake up and you know winter is officially here? Day thirty four presented us with our first winter’s morning. Time for fires, red wine, loads of movies and indoor activities. I love winter, it is my time to hibernate accept this year it feels like it arrived a little soon.

Day Thirty Five

Last day for our school week and it couldn’t come at a better time! I love short weeks during a school term but now that we are remote learning, I love it even more!

I signed up for a webinar with Leandie Du Randt and it was the perfect way to end my work week. I was so inspired and my cup was filled to the top. If I can make any suggestions during this time, take time to fill your own cup. Especially if you are a mom like me. Everyone and everything is taking from us all the time, and we to need something to look forward to, or just to enjoy by ourselves.

That marks the end of our week, tomorrow is another public holiday. We are officially on level four, which means we are allowed to go out for walks in our estate. That is definitely on the agenda for this weekend.

Stay safe and much love xxx

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