Dear Lockdown Diary Week Seven

Day Forty Six

Back to remote schooling, entering week five of this. I woke up feeling tired and needing just one more day of nothing. It was my own fault, I went to bed really late.

Our work for the week is a lot and I don’t know if we will be able to do what we did last week. A long weekend might not be in the cards for us this week., but we will try.

Monday’s are not my favourite day of the week, but we have so much to be thankful for and I will focus on that this week. One step at a time.

Day Forty Seven

Working hard for these long weekends gets to me on a Tuesday already. I appreciate the kids hard work and their willingness to sit down and work but it is also draining.

I miss hanging with my friends.

Day Forty Eight

The day my high school bestie turned forty and I couldn’t even enjoy a glass of wine with him. I think this is what gets to me most about lockdown. The fact that we have to cancel special plans and special occasions, and we can’t spend specials days with special people celebrating special moments of life.

Day Forty Nine

We did it again, we got all our work done for the week and earned ourselves a long weekend. So happy for the kids.

I was looking for twinning winter pj’s everywhere but was unlucky. So I decided to make some for us. It was so much fun and better yet, the kids love it. I think we look pretty awesome!

Day Fifty

Perfect day to start our weekend. Barry took the day off work and we spent the whole day together as a family without any school work or interruptions. It was just a nice chill day.

Guys can you believe we are half way to 100!!!! Never have I ever thought this would happen. I thought twenty one days and life goes back to normal, but apparently NOT.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and had a blessed week given the circumstances life is dishing us right now.

Stay positive, be the light, stay safe and stay home.


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