Dear Lockdown Diary Week Six

Day Thirty Nine

It’s Monday and we are back to routine and back to our school work. Day thirty nine was a long day, but I made a deal with the kids. I am hoping they will try their best so we can have another long weekend.

I told them if we try work one hour longer each day, we could possibly finish the work by Thursday which means on Friday they will only have reading and spelling words. I really am going to push for it, if we get this right I will have a whole day towards my own things that I need to get done as well.

Day Forty

We are on track although I am struggling with my boy a little. He can obviously feel that extra hour, so half way through our work I sent him upstairs to go play. I gave him two hours, while I worked with the girls. When he came back two hours later, he finished his work for the day happily.

We are really struggling to get out of bed in the mornings. We are not going to bed late, but our routine is a bit off compared to when it is in the middle of a school term. I miss seeing the sun rise, I think I must make a point of trying to wake while it’s still dark, even if I just do it once.

What is the one thing you miss most?

Day Forty One

We actually did it. Most of the work is done and we only have Lifeskills left for Thursday. So we only have about one hours work on Friday. I am so excited about this and if the kids are willing to do this again next week, we will do the same.

I would like to get to the point where when our weekend officially starts I don’t have planning, printing and organising left to do, because that takes so much time.

Day Forty Two

I am feeling tired today. We worked so hard this week that I am exhausted, but I don’t think it is this that has made me so tired. I blame the bank. I drove around for two hours looking for the open bank with my card and when I eventually found the bank there was about sixty people in the queue so I just left. This whole story left me feeling sad about everything that is going on.

On a high note, all our work is done. The kids only have reading and spelling left for tomorrow morning.

Day Forty Three

Finally Friday. Our day off, although there is always new work in grade 5, I decided that we will not work. We lazed around and did the bare minimum. It was nice to see the kids play the whole day.

I went out to see if I can find some Lego for the kids, but I wasn’t so lucky. My kids were so disappointed when I got home empty handed.

I finished my week off with a glass of red wine and a chick flick while the kids built Lego with Barry. We wanted to order Mr Delivery but both Mr D and Uber Eats were too busy so we made soup. They all landed up eating Peanut Butter bread.

Hope you all have a good weekend and that all the mommies are spoilt. Be safe and look after yourself. xxx

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