Dear Lockdown Diary Weekend Six

Day Thirty Six

It’s Friday guys and we have so much to be grateful for. Yes even under these conditions we find ourselves in at the moment. It is not always easy and no every day is not a good day, but staying positive is so important.

I stay positive by thinking of the things I have to be grateful for. Even if I only see the small things, it is important to notice them. Today we went out for a walk and the look on the kids faces when they went further than the gate was priceless.

They loved every moment we spent down by the river and foot path, it was almost like Christmas.

Day Thirty Seven

The kids got this idea where they wanted to build a lemonade stand and somehow convinced their dad to build it with them. It kept them busy the entire day and they all loved working with the tools and the wood. The stand was huge, and yes I am using the word huge because it was so big it was impractical. I don’t even thing six kids could carry it together, but they had fun.

I had my own fun with all the other tools lying around and decided to do the boys hair with the blower. Guys I love the blower. At first I couldn’t start the thing, but once I knew where to put my foot I was ready to play.

Day Thirty Eight

I actually took that nap. After cooking up a storm I laid down on the couch and had one of those perfect afternoon naps. Problem with me is if I take a nap, the rest of my day is a bit grumpy.

The kids broke down their lemonade stand and I felt so sad for them. We had to, it was just too big and took up all the space in our garages.

The boys baked milk tart for the first time ever, I was just the assistant. Just like that our long weekend came to an end and I closed the week of with all the prep work for school. Not the best way I know but who else is going to do it?

Honestly the time I popped into town this weekend, I was very surprised at how busy it was. Please stay home everyone, otherwise they will take us back to complete lockdown and that is the last thing we want.

Enjoy the little bit of extra freedom in level four but also respect the rules. Stay safe and sending you much love xxx

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