Disneylicious at Toy Kingdom


First Time For Everything

When I was invited to the #GirlMomsMeetUp event I was super excited! This was my first ever blogger’ event and not only was I invited but I got to take my two girls with me. How amazing is that? Finally I got to go somewhere and just be amazing!

These Women Are Just Incredible

The one thing that really excited me about the event was the fact that I was finally going to meet some of my closest friends! I know right … how can you have a close friend you’ve never met before? Well in this world, the blogging world, it is totally possible! Click here and read about our special # friendship.

Mom of two Little Girls who lives just up the road from me introduced me to the bigger side of the blogging world and it was her and two other bloggers, High Heels and Fairy Tales and Tonic and Tiaras that put this #GirlMomsMeetUp together. The first part of the meet-up was hosted by Toy Kingdom South Africa .  The second part will be happening at the end of this month. We are already super excited about it!


Let The Excitement Begin!

It all started two days before we made our way to the event. We received a special delivery in the post. I didn’t tell the girls a thing, so you can imagine their excitement when they opened their green presents. They each got the coolest Disney Princess doll where you can actually paint the white part of the dress with water and it turns into a beautiful picture. They were super excited and their princesses made them feel super special.

Time To Be Amazing


From the moment we left to make our way to Johannesburg on Saturday morning, I felt like a princess. On arrival I got super excited and as we walked towards the shop I could see they went out of their way just for us.

After meeting everyone and calming the little excited screams we went straight to the Build A Bear Workshop where each girl could choose her favorite princess bear to build. The excitement was crazy. Little squeals and twirls filled the place. Cherish was so incredible with the girls, she really has a passion for kids. They stuffed the bears and all the moms got to make birth certificates for each bear. They got to choose a princess dress and all the girls dressed their bears together. After all the bears were stuffed, each girl received a heart for their bear. Cherish did a little ceremony with the girls where they placed the hearts inside the bear before Cherish closed each bear individually. Every mommy also got to kiss the heart and make a wish for her little girl.

No Party Is A Good Party Without Good Food


All the excitement and bear building had everyone starving, and wow was the food amazing. I can’t even choose my favorite because I loved it all. All the girls sat underneath the big tree in the middle of the store and had their food while we had a chance to catch our breath and take some photos. Fournos Bakery at the East Rand Mall spoilt us rotten and their food was absolutely delicious. So was their coffee by the way.

Fun And Games

Once our tummies were filled Cherish played some games with the girls and the two girls that won each got a Disney Princess Doll. Cherish was just like the kids, all hyped and excited! They made a train and filled the entire shop with giggles and “choo-choo’s”

Toadally Cool!

The next moment we saw a giant bear dressed in the cutest outfit ever and right next to her was Toady the frog, who was by the way toadally charming. The girls freaked, screamed, jumped, hugged and to be honest so did the moms. I had to get a hug in there! Toady took some photos with the girls and then made his way to the big tree. It was yet another surprise! Yes, the girls got even more! They were so spoilt and each girl got another Disney Princess doll along with a Disney Princess DVD. The excitement was too much, green wrapping paper was flying all over the place.

Toy Kingdom is the perfect venue to host a children’s birthday party! They really went all out for us. All the girls were so spoilt and I’m still trying to decide if the kids had more fun or the moms did.


Toy Kingdom Rocks With Variety

I’ll be honest, I was impressed. Not only because we were so spoilt but by the store itself, but the variety of girls and boys toys was amazing. They had everything you could think of and I can see how this store can easily become South Africa’s leading toy store if it’s not there yet. Thank you Toy Kingdom!





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