Don’t Think, Just Do It!

When we know and feel something in our hearts we should trust that feeling and just do it!

We should always follow our first instincts because that is normally God speaking to us and directing us down the path He wants us to go! If we don’t take that first step, we will never know.

When we stop and think for too long we often convince ourselves not to go ahead with our initial instinctive instructions from God. We convince ourselves not to take that leap of faith. We end up talking ourselves out of it, not because we want to be disobedient but because we are in a comfort zone.

Don’t let your thoughts, and time stand between you and God’s destiny for your life! God never gives up on us. Yes opportunities will come again, but why wait for later? Sometimes the time is now, and if we choose to wait because of fear or disappointment we might have to wait 10 years before the opportunity presents itself again.


Act on God’s voice. Don’t doubt it, just follow it. Make sure you don’t sit around your entire life waiting for Him to take the first step. That is up to you. God will give the guidance and He will provide the necessary needs but He will not take your first step for you.

  • Be still.
  • Listen.
  • Follow.


Make those changes. Take that step in faith. Be what God had planned for you to be. Make it count.

Just do it!







11 replies on “Don’t Think, Just Do It!”

This resonates so deeply. There is never a time as good as Now. We just need to listen to our inspiration ❤️ Thank you for posting this. I appreciate it.

As always you hit me in the gut! Sometimes doing what we should be doing or what God is asking of us is so humbling.. or let’s say so much humility is required and your pride suffers! But the rewards are great! Thanks for sharing! Xx

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