Fighting Our Own Fight

We are all fighting a battle, fighting our own fight! We are all busy climbing mountains. Life is tough, challenging. We are all at crazy cross roads in our lives, and it seems like it gets harder the older we get!

Woman are fighting breast cancer, divorce, loss of a spouse, infertility, loss of a child, sick children, fighting to survive and beat the economy. I can probably carry on for days.

We make our mistake on where we focus!

It’s so easy to focus on these negative things because these problems are part of our lives and our human nature tells us to worry and try take control. This is our mistake. We can’t fix things, no matter how much we focus on our problems. God is our only way up a mountain. He is the only one that can turn things around for us.

We need to learn to stop carrying our own burdens, instead we should really just give it over to God! We need to stay under His grace and allow Him to take us to greener pastures.

The grass is never greener on the other side!

No matter how perfect someone else’s life looks, I promise you it’s not. Everybody has their own battles, and everyone is fighting for survival. Everyone!

Your journey is uniquely yours and only you can carry that load. Make your load lighter and give it to God. Once on top of a mountain the view is indescribable. Once you up, you have to come down, and in these moments of life we need to search for what we learnt and make sure we don’t walk in circles and climb the same mountain again.

God gives us strength to handle anything on our path. He knows we can do it. The question is, do we know we can do it?

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