Finally, A New Direction

2019 Forecast

The year is officially in full swing and I think this has been the fastest January to date. It feels like I haven’t been on holiday for years and I am dreaming about soft sand between my toes and the sun baking on my skin while we have no worries or responsibilities.

As much as this year started with a crazy bang, I am excited for 2019. It is going to be a year of change. For the first time in many years I don’t see this as my year. This year is going to be our year. Our year as a family and I look forward to see where God is going to take us.

Our Vision

As husband and wife we have come to one mutual agreement, we don’t want to waste time anymore. Our kids are getting big, our time is becoming more and more precious and we want more out of life than just the ordinary. We sitting next to the same fire and know exactly what we want and why we want it. Having one mutual goal is wonderful, it’s like having one dream but two people a praying for it. I love it.

God’s Vision

God knows our hearts and He sees our deepest hearts desires. I believe He planted those desires there. I am excited to see God opening doors so that we can move forward this year. Not necessarily away from what we know but towards something we’ve always known in our hearts but never lived due to just life.

That Voice

At this stage we are doing nothing but just being still and waiting on God. It’s not always easy, we just want to dive in and swim but sometimes we need to wait for a moment until the swimming conditions are perfect to swim. We pray about our future all the time and I believe God’s voice is loud and clear at this stage. We will take one step at a time, and although this is something completely new to us, we know His voice  and we want to wait for His perfect planning.

In The Meantime

Life carries on and we have to do what is required from us. We have to carry on with life as we know it and keep faith. We have to be obedient and wait for the green light. I am excited though, and that gives me extra fuel for each day.

Do you ever feel ready for something and God tells you to wait?


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