Golden Oldie, Never stop dreaming. 30/11/16

62FBB5BA-0E54-454C-9F27-9F363743897FThis post is really special to me. It’s when I decided to start Muppie Lounge, and although it’s been a lot harder than what I realized the day I wrote this, I have no regrets.

Never stop dreaming. 

I want to say something simple today. It’s such a simple thing but probably one of the most important things in life we need to remember and live by.


We have to dream, we need to hold onto something bigger than what we are busy with every day. We need something that drives our motives and grows our enthusiasm. We need a vision bigger than the real deal and a painted picture brighter than the current picture hanging on the wall.

I have so many dreams. Dreams that will possibly never ever come true because they are so outrageous and dreams that I could very possibly reach before my story gets to the end. The important part is that I have these dreams and I have something bigger planned in my head!

Every day I live, I want to feel like I am one step closer to “that dream!” Sometimes we fall and we battle to get back up but we have a vision of a better tomorrow in our minds, it can really make the fall softer and the getting back up easier.

This is called hope. It’s called trust, faith and absolutely believing in everything we do not see but knowing that it is out there waiting for us. I can’t imagine a life without hopes and dreams and I know it makes my journey more joyful.

Never stop planning and dreaming, never stop pinning down those special destinations to see and dream cars to drive because that’s the fuel of life. And even if you never get there, the joy of a dream is just as good as a dream come true. It’s part of the journey.

Happy dreaming 💓

You can find the Muppie Lounge story in the link below. 

What exactly is this about?


7 replies on “Golden Oldie, Never stop dreaming. 30/11/16”

Definitely so important to keep dreaming, and keeping hoping and most importantly keep the faith. All these setbacks help us appreciate the dream so much more when it is a reality. #sabloggerscafe

Sometimes it’s exactly where God wants us to be. Sometimes everything falls apart in order for Him to rebuild it the way He wants it. Thinking of you and praying God’s plan falls into place sooner than later x

So beautifully said Marishka! I especially love this part: “we have a vision of a better tomorrow in our minds, it can really make the fall softer and the getting back up easier.” I’m a firm believer in being hopeful and having faith, it can definitely get you through so much. x

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