He Is Going To Big School

I’ve Got This Little Man In My Life

Before I had any boys, I had two girls and the instant love that you feel for your children is indescribable! No need to explain that to a mom. After my girls I fell pregnant for a third time and said to my husband if it is another girl, we should call it a day. You see, I was now pregnant for the third time and my oldest daughter had just turned two! I was tired!

But, as God has a good sense of humour, it turned out to be a boy. My boy! My first boy!

I went through old pictures of him and just realized again how blessed I am! This little man adores me. He is the sweetest little thing with the most beautiful softest purest heart. When he puts his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me, I just want to melt! I know every mommy feels the same way I do, but in my world, he is the best!

I Pray For His Future, And Mine

The older generation tells me that boys leave home and girls always stay. Especially after marriage. So, I decided to pray for his wife long before he was born. I pray that she will love me as much as he loves me, and that we will have a mother daughter relationship just like I have with my own daughters so that he will always be around and part of our lives. I desire to be a part of his life forever.

The joy this little man brings to my life, I could never have imagined! His gentle soul and soft heart is one that was hand-picked and put together by only God. I look at him and know God’s plans with his life is to win many souls for Jesus, to be a warrior for Christ. One day he will be a man walking in the footsteps of God.

He is a boy, and boys can be … well not one but two hands full. But he is mine, and the love we share is beautiful. I’m thankful that I have this amazing little man in my life and that even at his age he is teaching me so much about love, gentleness, courage and strength. I’m proud to be his mommy.



In a blink of an eye he is going to big school and it feels like just the other day he was that tiny big baby that weighed 4.3 kg at birth in my arms. Luke I want to praise you for the boy that you are. I want to bless your school journey and I pray that God takes you to places you never dreamt possible. I know you were born to touch lives and change lives. You are one special boy and I absolutely adore you. Partly because I am your mom but mostly because I know how capable you are of love and this is the exact thing that Jesus showed the world. Love.

Follow your dreams, be the boy God made you to be and I pray your journey is beautiful and pure and that in the process of the next twelve years God moulds you into the man that He intended you to be.

You are going to big school and I couldn’t be prouder. Enjoy every moment of this new journey.






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