Home Schooling For Us

Never Say Never

It’s been coming for a while. If you asked me five years ago if I will ever consider home schooling, honestly I would have answered “never!” But never say never right? I was never one for it, not because I had anything against home schooling. I didn’t know enough about the subject to share my two cents. It really just wasn’t something I wanted to do or even look into.

A Sheep

Although I have never been a fan of the schooling system or the traditional educational ways, I still preferred dropping my kids at school for half a day especially when it suited me. I was a sheep, part of the heard and I liked it. Following and doing what everyone else does, doing what was normal. I am sending our kids to school is an obvious no brainer. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am by no means saying if your kids go to school you are a sheep. Not at all. It did however make me one. Why? Because I never really believed in school. I avoided the possibility to home-school because I was comfortable to just do what everyone else did even though I didn’t believe in it. I dodged the ball. Over and over. In my heart, even when I wasn’t looking for it, I knew.

Ostrich Head In The Sand

It was only when my baby in the house was ready to go to school when I started lifting my head out of the sand. When my mornings free and when I no longer had to run after dummies, changing nappies, feeding times or that 24 hour watch over a toddler. It was when my afternoons turned into a F1 race every single day, when I decided there has got to be something simpler. I don’t want easy, I want simple. A simple life.

If The Shoe Fits

I realise this is not for everyone and certainly doesn’t suit every family’s lifestyle. I am fortunate enough to be home as well as have four kids who are willing to give this a try. Not all kids can adapt to a home-schooling environment and not all parents can stay at home. I say if the shoe fits, why not wear it and see if it is comfortable?

For us, for me, this shoe looks gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. I won’t however say never will they go back to school. This mom won’t burn her fingers twice.

I Did However

I had driving points and motivation that steered me into this direction, which I will share it with you in my next post. No person just makes this decision. There was a lot of things I took into consideration before I made this final decision in 2019.


Have you ever considered home schooling? Or are you already a home schooling mom?

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