How to make Sushi with Kids


We started a YouTube channel where we share all our fun adventures caught on camera. Check out our latest YouTube video where Chef Greglee spoilt us with his skills and time. Thank you chef. We loved having you.

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A Bit of History

As you all know I am a homeschool mom of four. Long before I had my four kids I was also step-mom to Dean. Still am. The kids call their big brother Deany boy although he just turned 27! He decided to visit us with his family for his 27th birthday. And may I add, he spoilt us rotten.

I was pretty strict back in the day when he was in primary school. Nevertheless  Dean and his friends knew just how. In the neighborhoods of our small town in the Free-state, Dean and Greg tested my patience many times. Boys will be boys. Everything from building bike ramps in the back yard to shooting rats running on the old telephone lines.

Never did I think it will all come down to the simple fact that today they are all grown up. 


Today Greg is a qualified sushi chef with his own business in Johannesburg. You can follow him here. https://www.instagram.com/itadakimasujc/

He does corporate and private functions. Greglee qualified in Cape Town as a chef. His years of experience where he worked at a prestigious restaurant in Cape Town has now brought him to his success story in Johannesburg. His other passion is to  help restaurants like Ocean Basket with training their staff.

Greg came over for Dean’s birthday and spoilt us all weekend with his magnificent talent and experience. A weekend the kids won’t forget.  I was amazed to see how he taught each child with so much love and patience.  Everyone had a blast and it was so good having the “Oribi street” boys back in the house. 

Our home was filled with laughter, food, jokes and just having a good time.


You can book your function with chef Greglee through Leon over here. https://www.instagram.com/ljhpr/

Chef Greglee on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/greglee_chef/

About Us

We are a South African homeschool family, always seeking for adventures. We love to travel and explore. We’ve gone everywhere in South Africa and just love it!!! One mom and four kids living life to the full, making the most of each moment we have together. Every day counts. Live in today, tomorrow is for tomorrow.


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With all that said we wish you a good long weekend.

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