I seek “Less” in Life.

Can A Simple Life Give You More?

Don’t you sometimes wish things, or life in general, was just simpler? Less drama, less jealousy, less issues, less “skinnering“, less fighting for power, less people, just life with less!!

Sometimes we just drive. When I sit and look out my window I always admire the people in the small box houses with low fences and hardly any grass; they have no security gates just mosquito doors, there are black bikes lying everywhere, kids toys scattered all over the yard, maybe an old couch on the little “stoep” (not patio) by the front door. Quite often you’ll see two or three rusted old cars in the driveway, six dogs running wild with a child for every dog. I always tell my husband that their life, a simple life, looks so happy, so uncomplicated. Effortless.

When you hear kids laugh and play, when you see hose pipes being used as a swimming pool, mom and dad watching from the “stoep“. I don’t know, but it looks like they nailed the ‘less is more’!

Grateful For What He Has Given 

I’m so grateful for what we have, really, I am. However, I believe there is something special to a simple life and I also believe anyone can live a simple life! A simple life has got nothing to do with your bank balance but everything to do with where your heart is. Stuff can make you feel cluttered. It doesn’t bring happiness, it doesn’t bring real joy! Real joy comes from God. He is our peace and He has given us simple rules to live by, simple ways to follow Him. Why follow anything or anyone else other than God?

Life is pretty challenging at the moment. There are so many different things going on that I feel completely overwhelmed. But every day I survive the madness I feel I am one step closer to whatever it is that God is trying to teach me and us as a family.

He is the way, the truth and the light! And I honestly believe that by living a simple life with less, results in a simple uncomplicated, undramatized life. When we die, we die alone. I don’t want to leave behind fancy  handbags and diamond rings. I’d rather leave behind the beautiful memory of a girl who lived a full simple life. I choose a simple life!


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